Why underbust corsets and matching bras rock my world

While perusing the ‘net this weekend, I came across a revelation of sorts in the realm of corsetry for wheelchair-users (and no, when I say corset I do not mean an abdoninal binder. ew).

Thanks to Bridget from The Girls Next Door, a E! reality-show based on Hugh Hefer and his three blonde bombshell girlfriends, who live in his mansion in LA, Bridget (Hef’s 2nd gf. She’s 2nd to Holly and I believe Kendra is 3rd; not quite sure how this all works out though. ha) gave him a striptease (for his huge) 80th birthday party. image to the left) wearing a MATCHING UNDERBUST CORSET AND RUFFLY BRA! Hello, baby!! Talk about “lightbulb in Tiff’s head” city!

After years of struggling to wear over-the-bust corsets with the rest of my girls (yes, I run with that sort of crowd), I realized that the pairing of an underbust corset with a cute matching bra, would literally erase several of the problems I’ve had while wearing “regular” corsets; problems ranging from the corset shifting sideways to the entire corset itself being much too long and flipping up weirdly (and ugily) at the waist. And let’s face it, I’m too cheap to commission a $350 custom-corset. I have college loans to pay off.

Here’s another excellent (and HAWT) example of an underbust corset and a matching bra being worn by the sexy Dita von Teese (Marilyn Manson’s ex-wife no doubt), thanks to the amazing site, Absolute Corsets.

Enjoy having fun with underbust corsets and waist-cinchers, ya’ll! They’ll really make you feel uber pretty, even on those awful days (and we’ve all been there) when all you seriously want to do is just call it quits (been there, done that, bought the postcard).

 Be sexy!

– Tiff

  1. I love wearing corsets too, and I’m a fellow wheelie girl, my underbust is a great thing, style and confortable, like wearing a hug :0)

  2. I would love to buy a corset but I’m rather short and since I sit all the time as a fellow wheeler I worry that they won’t fit well through the torso. I also am not willing to spend the $$ on a custom one, but wondering if you have any ideas.

    1. Custom is your only option 🙁

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