The Beautiful Men of Minneapolis

One of my most favorite pastimes since locating to downtown Minneapolis is enjoying the visages of the beautiful men that work in my fair city. And there are quite a number of them I assure you. More than any girl like myself could ever need. With the high percentage of law firms, banks, and other corporate entities that are located in the downtown zone, handsome men in their 20s and 30s are everywhere; simply and fantastically, everywhere.

And when a cute gal like myself needs a boost on her Happy Meter, a jaunt downtown has always been the sure thing. It never fails. Seriously…what’s better than a tall, graceful man in a perfectly tailored suit, smiling at you as he walks by? Absolutely nothing. And on many a sad, depressing day when I can’t bear to live another minute with this wretched SCI, the sight of a beautiful man has always made me reconsider any preposterous thought. This is especially true when they say hi. Giddiness ensues…

Many say that women are God’s personal handiwork; that they are the most beautiful sex, but I disagree. A young, in-shape, and well-dressed man is at least comparable, and even fairer, if you ask me. Luckily, I’ve had a few notable beautiful men in my day. Some weren’t all that easy on the eyes, I’ll admit it, but the ones who were lovely…oh, I’ll remember them forever…

If my knees could go weak (you sing it SWV), these are the traits that will always and forever, drive me wild: Dark, chin-length hair, sexy eyes, broad shoulders, fashionable clothes, lightly pin-striped suits., cool shades, a low, husky voice, impeccable taste in food and wine, a witty sense of humor, an aggressive personality, graceful hands, and better taste in music than even me, which btw, I highly doubt is possible 🙂

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