Confessions of a Quad Makeup Addict

If you check out my post from yesterday where I shared an eyeshadow “how-to” tutorial thanks to the awesomeness that is YouTube and FilthyWhore, you’ll see a most excellent video of what I call the “Rainbow Brite” eyeshadow look. It’s seriously glamtastic.

I went ahead and gave it a go myself last night, and here are the results (pictured left). I just love this 5-color eyeshadow look. You know, it seems over the past year that my love of bright, glammy makeup has grown exponentially(!), much to the chagrin of my conservative family members (“Too much eyeliner!” they moan).

But whatever. I don’t care. I may not be able to change the fact that I can’t walk, but I can change how my face looks on a day-to-day basis, and it’s a hellava nice change and very theraputic. And believe me when I say this: Getting used to putting on makeup with paralyzed fingers is NO easy task.

If you can at least move your wrists, you’re golden. I’ve perfected the art of “holding” long handled brushes (MAC highly preferred) between my thumb and first finger. Long handles are a MUST ladies. Other quaddy-quad tips:

– Q-Tips are your best friend. Keep plenty on hand (and nearby) to clean-up any eyeliner, mascara, and eyeshadow mistakes.

CoverGirl’s Perfect Point Plus Eyeliners go on super easy and with minimal pressure. A great thing if your arms aren’t that strong or stable.

– Ok, this is a “multi-tip” tip (grin). Here are some of my must-have products: Maybelline Great Lash Mascara (just an overall great product and there’s essentially never any clumps after you apply), MAC’s Prep + Prime Skin makeup primer (this goes on before your foundation and makes your foundation look much more natural and less cakey), MAC’s Pigment Eyeshadows (these colors totally pop and the container lasts forever), MAC’s 219 Pencil Brush (this smudger has helped cleaned up many an eyeliner nightmare and can make the crookedest line look spectacular).

I leave you with my most important tip: Don’t be afraid to experient and go, well, a bit crazy. Makeup is seriously fun stuff if you just give it a chance. I liken it to finger-painting for adults :)~

– Tiff

  1. hahaha… i’m two steps away from Amy Winehouse eyeliner most days. I freaking looooooooooove makeup. i’ve really gotten back into it over the last year. it was kinda scary to (re)learn how to apply it again, but you’re totally right, with the right tools it works. I never thought to look on youtube for tips. this rocks!

  2. I think it looks awesome and my mom says the SAAAME thing when I go home to visit. I don’t wear tons to work/school but when I’m home in KY hanging out with friends I for some reason have this urge to line! …I LOVE those Stila Smudge pots…you have to try em but get the smudgy brush too (if it’s not already in your collection!)

  3. lol @ amy winehouse. i’m all for heavy eyeliner, but her liner is teh crazy! :d

  4. stila, heh? you know, i hate to admit this, but i’ve never tried a single stila product be4! i should change that, heh? where can one acquire stila products anyways?

  5. I like the look, and generally I am probably more along the line of your family, I go for more of a natural look. But that look pops out, with out being over the top. Nice.

  6. sells awesome stila check it out…thanks tiff

  7. What I want is a thumbs up on a good lip gloss. I want one that last AND isn’t over greasy looking, I don’t wanna look like I just ate a bucket of chicken.
    Lip stains, anyone heard of or tried?

  8. hey kath, a great cheap and easy way to make a lip stain at home is to put on your lipstick, lipgloss, then blot, repeat the process 3 times, and you’ll be left with a lipstain. it really works!

  9. kewl. i’ll go to sephora at the mall of america then (it’s a 1/2 hr from my house).

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