Happy Valentine’s Day!

Ruff, ruff...Whether you loathe or love this “all things lovey dovey day,” it is upon us so we (yes we) must face the Kenny G. music. 

– Here’s some fun stuff on the history of St. Valentine’s Day.

– And here’s a link to the other holiday celebrated today: Single’s Awareness Day.

I’ll be getting drunk on red wine and eating large quantities of dead cow flesh this evening. If anything says love better than this, I don’t what.

I’m curious, do any of you dis-folks out there have an amusing or enchanting Valentine’s Day tale to tell? If so, spill. I need some entertainment today.

Watch out for Cupid’s arrow!

– Tiff

  1. ok i dumped this chick on v-day way back in the day, because she wanted to have me and some other older guy. she cried but i didn’t care i gave her a chance to decide, kinda funny though i think:) i’m so bad-lol

  2. abe, that’s awful! i didn’t know you had this evil side of you 😉

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