But I’m Not Preggers, Tiff!

It might be mighty hard to swallow the idea of buying maternity jeans if YOU’RE NOT PREGGERS, but the Gap has some seriously awesome Demi panel Long and Lean jeans that are the perfect solution for those who can get their pants on themselves, but can’t fasten the buttons.

The “Demi panel” is essentially an elastic band that’s in the place of where the buttons/zipper would be. And if you’re wearing a longer shirt that covers that panel, no one will be the wiser as to what kind of jeans you actually got on.

Keli, a para, recently gave me this stellar tip. She particularly adores the Gap’s Long and Lean style (as do I) because they tend to look the best in a seated position. Even though the Demi panel jean is expensive ($68.00), it’ll be worth it if it gives you the freedom again to wear jeans without anybody’s assistance.

Baby is not included.

– Tiff

  1. Jeans you would look wayyyyyyyyy sooooooooooo cool in them.From some body a guy due to ms had to wear leg braces like a polio poster child,and have to endure things like bladder things,oops the cath thing and leg bag.I live in Canada,have gone to pennintions????? sell plus sizes,got jeans and pants,to hide braces and leg bags,wtw don’t wear braces anymore only on my teeth.This store has clothing that will fit anybody..Thanx Tiff oxox

  2. i have a friend that’s a quad that has been onto this idea for a couple years. she can’t dress herself, but the elastic band is easier to pull down when she caths. (we cath through the beller button).

  3. yeah, i think i might try a pair. i cath throught the belly button too, and have reg jeans leave nasty marks on my belly button…bleh.

  4. Penningtons rite spelling don’t really know,too lazy to look it up in phone book,they sell plus size womans clothing,I have some of their pants and jeans,were so easy to get on over my braces.A Canadain chain of stores.

  5. Hey, I just bought a pair of xs long maternity jeans at Old Navy and they were STILL too big around the waist and thighs. Are these maternity or just elastic waist?

  6. hey mimi, nice to meet you! you know i’m not quite sure. sorry i cant be of more help. it sounds like youre just too skinny to do the materinity jean thing, maybe?

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