“If Celebs Moved to Oklahoma…”

Here’s what you get when you combine a Photoshop snarky man and a wicked sense of humor.

Someone once told me that Sarah-Jessica Parker had a horse face. Maybe this Photoshop guy had the same idea?

I salut thee, www.planethiltron.com, for making me smile on a blah Saturday where I’M SWAMPED WITH WORK.

– Tiff

PS. The Tom Cruise one and The Olsen twins ones are also hilarious. Some look obviously fake, but hey, they’re still good for a laugh.

  1. LoL… She totally knows it and works that horse face. My favorite line of hers from the Tim Burton film “Ed Wood”
    “Do I… really… have a face… like a horse?”

  2. really? i gotta see “ed wood!”

  3. Tim Burton is an eccentric director in my opinion but he has his own unique style’.:

  4. when it comes to directors, i really like the creation of Tim Burton, they are quite unique and have its own style’         

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