1. Molly Shannon! The hair looks good. What was the event about and how were you chosen?

  2. A hair show! That sounds awesome, though I’ve never really heard of that before.

  3. my sister works at a salon and all the stylists were asked to pick two hair models to do “before” and “after” shots. if chosen, my sister’s name and the salon she works for will go in a hair book.

  4. yes, molly shannon! that’s her name. thx!

  5. Looking pretty spiffy there Tiff! Tres sexy-ish

  6. whoa, whoa, whoa, WHOA! you’re a c6 and you have no scar on the back of your neck? im seriously in awe here. i have this huge long scar where they fused 5-6-7 and then a scar on the front from where they removed fragments 2 weeks later. not to mention my, now added trach scar from the 2006 disaster. am i the only one with this scar on my neck from a fusion?

    by the way, beautiful pictures and you have a sexy neck and back. i’m jealous!

  7. I thought the exact same thing re: scar! where is it? you gotta have that SCI battle scar. I honestly dig mine. think it’s kinda sexy in a I’ve-got-nine-lives-bitch kind of way : )

    I used to do hair shows a lot pre-injury…..back in the modeling days. I wouldn’t ever let them cut my hair though. I wasn’t quite as daring with my hair back then. it might of been fun to get a wacky fun cut? and you get free hair products a lot of the time.

  8. They went in from the front of my neck, one clean cut. That was almost two years ago and you can’t tell. It looks like one of those little creases that people naturally have on their necks, but my trach scar is very noticeable. And Tiff- you look absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!! (totally droolworthy, as usual :D)

  9. my neck scar is in the front of my neck – horizontal – hidden in a crease. ill post a pic later this week. 🙂

    (my neck surgeon was insanely talented at stitching me up)

    thx miki 🙂 i looove my neck too…as does my bf 😉

  10. i used to love my neck. never liked my scar though. the one on the front isn’t noticable at all, but the nine incher on the back – ugh! i questioned my other friend and she has no back neck scar either!

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