Target Buy of the Week: SK Foundation Brush

I know, I know….my whole “Target Buy of the Week” series hasn’t exactly been a weekly thing. My apologies for that. My freelancing career has been going stronger than ever, so my leisurely visits to Target have been far and few between <insert Tiff’s whiney whine here>

But alas! I’ve found a Target-based blogworthy product recently. And even better, it’s getting posted today – a Monday – the most respectable day of the week (or so says Wall Street).

Sonia Kashuk’s Nylon No. 15 Foundation Brush for $9.99 is a VERY, very wise purchase, ladies. Why you ask? Well, here you go:

– Sponges are a shitty way to apply foundation. Sponges soak up your foundation and essentially waste your makeup, requiring you to buy more of your favorite (and expensive) foundation before you should really have to. And they’re bacteria-ridden! Ew.

– Same with the fingers. Applying foundation with your fingers/skin is not only hard to do (not even pro’s can do it this way), you’re foundation won’t go on smooth and will be cakey in various spots throughout your face. Definitely not a sexy look. Men hate cakey foundation. 

See, I use MAC’s liquid foundation ($20+/bottle) and I’ve found this cheap nylon foundation brush to be a boon to my makeup regimen. It seriously glides on my foundation like the most silkiest pair of stockings imaginable, and it’s only $9.99?! Do you realize at MAC, or at any other high-end makeup store, you’d be paying at least twice that amount?

This brush is so full of “win” I don’t even know where to begin…go buy it!

– Tiff

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