Watch, or Die

If you care at all about the awesomeness that is the birth of the United States of America, then you should really watch HBO’s John Adams miniseries. First off, the series was cast impeccably.

Paul Giamatti plays John Adams, the 2nd President of the USA, father of the 6th President of the USA – John Quincy Adams, Laura Linney plays his devoted wife, Abigail Adams, and Tom Wilkinson plays the quirky/bizarre, Ben Franklin. And the dude they got to play Thomas Jefferson is a dead ringer (I’d IMDB him, but hell, I got work to do people). 

The series starts out on the eve of the Boston Massacre – Adams’ hometown -and then goes headfirst into the revolution. It’s more than engaging. With the “real,” bumpy way it’s shot, it feels like you’re there. You feel like you’re sweating along with John Adams as he bemoans South Carolina’s royalist nature, and as he nearly dies in Amsterdam while petitioning the government for a 5 million dollar loan (which they were hesitant to do. The USA obviously had no international credit; then).

I would’ve posted this blog on or before the 4th, but I was busy getting my drunk on with inebriated Star Trek nerds at a comic book convention over the weekend. Geeks, believe it or not, party like rockstars.

– Tiff

  1. looks like a great movie from the trailer i watched, thanks Tiff:)

  2. abe, do you have netflix?

    1. Just fishnied listening to Black Feather . It was quite enjoyable. The sound quality was good, I was afraid there’d be crowd noise so I’m glad it was very clear. Since I have the interfiction anthology I’ll go check out the rest of this story. I like the teaser idea, good way to get a lot of variety then decide whether I want to go finish the story or not.I hope more people from Odyssey listen, because it brought me back to the time of our Slam reading events. So I thank you for that.

  3. douglas, why does every comment you leave end in “lol?” 🙂 are you laughing at me? 😉

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