Bob $tencil Love is a great site, and their Comic-Con ’08 coverage is superb (especially the pics they show). If you have no idea what Comic-Con is, let me sum up:

Put 150,000 geeks together, huge Hollywood players like Jennifer Conolley (“The Day The Earth Stood Still”), Samuel L. Jackson (“Afro-Samurai”), Kevin Smith (“Zak and Miri Make a Porno”), and Hugh Jackman (“Wolverine”), almost every major Hollywood studio, swag bags galore, movie memorabilia and props on display, and costumed patrons around every corner, and you have the country’s biggest comic book convention held every year in July, in sunny San Diego.

I’d go. I really would. Just couldn’t swing it this year. Maybe next year? It has been one of my geek-filled dreams to attend this con.

Stay classy Comic-Con goers!

– Tiff

PS. He’s at the Ramada, room #3312.

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