Windows Vista = Crap

Dear Mr. Bill Gates,

Why on God’s green earth did you allow your company to create one of the shittiest running systems ever? Dell forced your piece of crap on me when I bought my laptop last April, and ever since, my dismay at Vista has become greater and greater. The most annoying thing, other than the weekly system freeze-ups of course, is when IE will all of a sudden close because of a mysterious error, then restart again, but without RESTORING the session! (unlike the fabulous Mozilla). This is simply unacceptable.

Is it that hard to add this feature?

Please, publicly apologize for the abomination that is Vista. Much like the writers of “Heroes” Season 2 did.



  1. Tiff

    Life is hard enough for us quads so why add another barrier…get a Mac. Plus I’d die a thousand deaths without my iPhone.

  2. I’m a Mac girl, the best computer I have ever had.

  3. If I had the $, I would’ve bought a Mac yrs ago.

  4. Have you every tried Kubuntu?
    I liked it, quite fast/stable – but some of my software wouldn’t run in Wine (and for some software there weren’t good Linux or open source alternatives)

    My Macbook sometimes crashes too though..but it’s VERY fast at shutting down, which I love, and the software is really good (iMovie and PodcastMaker to be more specific).

    I mainly use my PC though (built from parts, lot cheaper than buying new!) which has Vista on it. (and I ever use IE, but the IE Tab add-on in Mozilla if something doesn’t run in Firefox). I’ve had no real problems with that for quite a while, apart from the hellishly annoying need to give permission for pretty much everything.

  5. Dear Tiff
    i have not tried the new windows vista but the main problem your having is the fact you bought a dell computer they are for shit. they freeze up no matter what version of windows is on them, some of them melt down, they are the worst company to buy from. this company uses computer chips that have problem because they get them cheaper than buying the good ones. they have always had problems since their company started. i know dell gives the best prices but they are the worst company to buy from, if you change anything, software, or any thing inside the computer your warranty is void. they don’t tell you this so you will change things and they don’t have to fix your computer. Sony computers are better and not much more money. they will last longer. i wish i could tell everyone on this planet not to ever buy a Dell computer because of the problems they will have.

  6. corien, never heard of kunbuntu. i’ll check it out. thx.

    mike, now you tell me 😉 cant afford to replace it now, so i guess i’ll have to wait.

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