Leg warmers, and their “magical” medical properties

I’m always a sucker for gifts, so Garvey Rich over at Functional Comfort must be psychic. You see, as a blogger (if you’re semi-popular or moreso), there’s this bad ass phenomenon of receiving free things in the mail from companies, with an end goal (on their part) that I’ll blog about their said product in a positive light. Free advertising yo.

So when I received 4 pairs of leg warmers and 2 pairs of arm warmers in the mail from the people at Function Comfort, I must say I felt I’ve moved up in the eschelon of blogger-dom. This is the first time a company has ever sent me free products, and MAN….*does a little happy dance*. It. Is. Awesome.

Click for the rest (and I need the hits!)

– Tiff

  1. I love them! I am going to get a few pair of the long ones and wear them with a dress or skirt like leggings!

  2. Rock them, Amy! I know you’ll look hot 🙂

  3. I always use leg warmers whenever i am on a very long trip in cold weather. ‘

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