My dream of looking like a badass may finally come true

Fashion-wise, what defines “badass” to you? Torn jeans, an old Aerosmith concert shirt from the 1980s? For me, it’s the classic trench coat, and it’s been denied to me until now. A wheelchair may be a hindrance to a lot of things, but it can’t rain on my badassery parade any longer.

See what I mean on my latest blog on Izzy Camilleri, a haute couture fashion designer who’s thrown her hat into the adapted fashion ring.

– Tiff

Coco Before Chanel (“Coco Avant Chanel”)

Finally! A movie I’m looking forward to see! And if you don’t know the tawdry, fascinating back-story of Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel, you’re in for a treat! (especially if you love period films set in 1930’s France. Me!)

This highly-buzzed film stars Audrey Tatou as Coco and WILL be a film with subtitles. I <3 me some subtitles though. It lends to the authenticity. Wouldn’t it been cool if Gladiator had all been in Latin? (yes!)

Anywhos, Coco Before Chanel opens in select cities September 25th. And in the words of Dave Letterman: You better damn hope your city gets selected!

– Tiff

Favorite MJ Memory?

I realize this blog is pretty late in getting on the Michael Jackson-death bandwagon. But WTF. If you’re reading this it probably means you must like this blog, so please, share your thoughts on MJ.

What’s your favorite memory of this legendary performer?

My submission: As a little girl I’d rifle through my mom’s album collection, and the Thriller album was something I’d always reach for. The imagry captivated me. What can I say? There was something creepy yet erotic about MJ holding a tiger cub. Especially when his wrist bones flexed!

Ok your turn!