My dream of looking like a badass may finally come true

Fashion-wise, what defines “badass” to you? Torn jeans, an old Aerosmith concert shirt from the 1980s? For me, it’s the classic trench coat, and it’s been denied to me until now. A wheelchair may be a hindrance to a lot of things, but it can’t rain on my badassery parade any longer.

See what I mean on my latest blog on Izzy Camilleri, a haute couture fashion designer who’s thrown her hat into the adapted fashion ring.

– Tiff

  1. Live out those dreams already! NO, don’t splurge, grab yourself a super-chic trench from Target, or even Walmart (yes, even WM) and get your but to a tailor, Total cost= Under $50!!! A tailor should be your best friend as a chic on wheels- atlease until you’re roll’n in the dough 🙂 (pun intended)

  2. good idea, krystina!

  3. I gotta agree with you Krystina. I made friends with a seamstress a few years back and rarely do I buy any clothes that dont get some kind of alteration from her. She was even a bridesmaid in my wedding!

  4. I agree with Krystina. Find a good tailor and you can wear just about anything you want. I’m getting hidden zippers put in my arm seams, cropping jackets and shirts, and I’m sure they could easily take the bottom back out of a trench coat. The tailor might have suggestions too, mine did.

  5. wish i could get some refleckers for my chair for free no such luck oh well bye

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