Das Good

A few random items I absolutely love, as should you!

1. Lush Toner Tabs: These things cost a couple bucks and are a great way to pamper your face and feel awesome (if you’re paralyzed with a sensitive upper-body, you’ll especially love the steam action these babies give off). Simply drop one in a bowl of warm water and put your face over with a towel over your head (and bowl). It lasts about 4 minutes and they really work.

2. Cans of black beans: I recently dropped a pants size by incorporating a shit ton of legumes into my diet, notably black beans. A can costs less than a dollar (recession friendly!) and are great on salads, in tacos/burritos, and even by themselves.

3. Cherry Carmex: This stuff is the shit. The cherry flavor is consistently pleasing and their legendary formula works like a dream (not to mention Carmex is cheap as hell). Buy it!

4. Thrift stores: I just bought a pair of jeans, a pair of Issac Mizrahi houndstooth trousers, a killer belt (with an oval silver buckle with turquoise embellishments), a loosely knit brown 3/4 sleeve cardigan, and a dark blue cable knit sweater all for $24. Why in the hell I ever paid full price before is beyond me.

5. Bronzer used as eyeshadow: I’ve been using Neutrogena’s Healthy Bronzer (Sunkissed) since Spring as my eyeshadow – in conjuction with using it as a bronzer – and have received tons of compliments on how “colorful” (in a good way) my face looks. If you have blue eyes, you’ll especially love what these colors do for you.

– Tiff