“Sympathy for Delicious” stars actual paraplegic, Mark Ruffalo directs

This movie follows a jaded DJ paraplegic who mysteriously wakes up with the gift to heal others, but discovers he still can’t heal himself. “Sympathy for Delicious” also stars Orlando Bloom and Juliette Lewis, and was written by Christopher Thornton, the film’s star.
 It has a cool back story too. Thornton and Ruffalo are old acting school buddies from before Thornton’s injury (a rock climbing accident) in 1992. This script was a longtime coming too (an  idea Thornton had while wheeling to the liquor store).

The completed film is premiering at Sundance this week. If anyone out there has seen it yet, let us know what you thought (good or bad). Does it deserve to be picked up?

You can read more of my thoughts on the movie here.

It’s the last season of Lost, and Sawyer’s jumping off a cliff?

I’ll admit I fell in love with Lost late in the game. Thanks to every episode available on ABC.com (and because the show is really that addictive), I watched all four seasons last winter before the start of Season 5 (wheelchair-users need something to do here in Minnesota when the snow flies). And now, it’s crazy, but it’s in my Top 3 shows, (1) Six Feet Under, (2) Battlestar Galactica, and (3) Lost, with Lost knocking Sex & The City out of the Top 3.  

In honor of the last season of the show premiering next Tuesday (which is depressing as Hell btw, and I hope the the ending come May isn’t more Opium-induced visions from J.J. Abrams), here is the brand new smoking hot Davidoff Cool Water commercial starring the official heatthrob of Lost (NOT Jack) – Mr. “Sexy Pants” Josh Holloway.

I’m a Sawyer girl. What can I say.

Wow makeup!

My favorite non-famous YouTube makeup artist – Kandee Johnson – has a video on shading your double chin/flabby under-the-chin skin and minimizing it; and **omgz** it really works. All you need is a foundation that’s a few shades darker than what you’d usually use and a long-handled brush for easy application. Paint on a triangular area of the makeup underneath your chin entirely, with proper blending on the edges so it looks natural. The darker shade almost perfectly mimics a shadow, and really does hide the area to a certain degree, highlighting your jawbone instead.