OMG Funny: “Wheelchair Cat” coming to Comedy Central

If you like ballsy felines in wheelchairs who womanize, talk via a mechanical voice, and do lines of cocaine, then the skit, “Wheelchair Cat: Trust Fund Kitty” starring Mr. Stitches, from Nick Swardson’s upcoming Pretend Time (coming to Comedy Central this fall!), is going to make you reeeeally happy.

As a wheelchair-user, I was like OMG when I first saw this. Nick may not be in a wheelchair, but damn he got this humor fucking perfect. No wonder Adam Sandler scooped him up from Minneapolis a few years ago and brought him to LA to write movies with him. And the fake cat body with a real cat head, so the cat really looks like he’s sitting in a wheelchair like a human, is possibly the funniest thing about the skit.

If you’re not familiar with Nick Swardson, he’s best known for his character Terry Bernadino on Reno 911 (gay whore on rollerskates!), and was also the insane Bowie fan in Almost Famous.


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