2/23: Podcast #71: Becoming the sexy wheelchair couple

In episode #71 of No Free Rides, Tiffiny invites back the always sage and always charming, Mimi Emery, a paraplegic from Toronto. Mimi and Tiff discuss what it’s like to date someone in a wheelchair when you’re also a wheeler.

Mimi is dating a well-known extreme sports athlete who’s also paralyzed, and shares what it’s like and how to manage basic things like car transferring when both of you need to throw your chair in back, or dealing with other people’s misconceptions. They also talk about adapted downhill skiing and other fabulous, lesser known adapted sports.

Click in the player below to hears the girls dish, or listen here (65 minute run time. Audio improves @ 30 min. mark). No Free Rides is sponsored by EasyStand.com.


  1. I have been there a thousand times as the “wheelchair” person, especially in my college classes.
    Sometimes one of my closer friends says that I put too much pressure on myself to trying to be completely independent when we go out and I can’t help to think that they imagine that I’m too much work to hang out with.

    1. WOW! I really could have writen that comment. It is exactly how I feel. I do worry that I could be too difficult to do things with. I also get the comments from people saying how independent I am, but like it was “cute” or some kind of character flaw–well, everyone else is independent-I feel I should be too.

  2. […] We brought an abridged version of a conversation between No Free Rides host Tiffiny Carlson in Minnesota and Mimi Emery in Toronto to the UK airwaves. The full programme can be heard at http://www.beautyability.com/2.0/2011/02/23/223-podcast-71-becoming-the-sexy-wheelchair-couple/ […]

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