9/30/11: Podcast #78 – David McCauley: The latest greatest SCI advocate

In episode #78 of our podcast “No Free Rides,” Tiffiny has on David McCauley, a successful businessman in NYC before his diving injury in ’08, who has founded a unique non-profit celebrating artists with spinal cord injuries to help find a cure.

Tragedies can strike anyone, and for David McCauley, a successful businessman in Manhattan before his injury in 2008, his diving accident proves how true that his. McCauley has an impressive drive that brought him to a point where in only a few short years after his accident he’s already looking outwards, and helping others. His awesomenesss was even honored this month as he was awarded the the NJ Hero award (read story) by New Jersey First Lady Mary Pat Christie.

His non-profit, Rise Up To Cure Paralysis, awards Quality of Life grants to people with SCI so they can participate in the latest therapies insurance won’t cover and to help pay for the adapted equipment they need. David’s brilliant idea of selling art created by artists with spinal cord injuries, Rise Up Galleries, is their main fundraising source. Tiffiny and David discuss his non-profit, his injury, and how he found the strength to not only fight to overcome his own injury, but to help others as well.

Tiffiny also talks about PCAs, the sad but neccessary topic of protecting personal items from theft, and amazing cheap Winter shopping finds.

Use the player below to hear the show (54 minute run time). No Free Rides is sponsored by EasyStand.com.

– Check out the official site for Rise Up To Cure Paralysis

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