In love with print leggings? Here are a few adapted pairs

I’m so in love with print leggings lately.  I’ve found they flatter legs that are paralyzed really well. So naturally, I was thrilled to see that IZ Adaptive, clothing for wheelchair-users, now offers a few pairs of their own.

Here are her latest additions, if you’re interested.

Print leggings: $39/pair. I love her print options too. So cute! They are pink cheetah print, black/brown cheetah print, black and white plaid and my personal favorite, purple and pink plaid.

Faux leather leggings: $89.99/pair. These babies are actually easy to put on too because they have a Jersey cotton back. Brill. And black is the only color option, but that’s really the only color you’d want in pleather anyways.

These will make a great addition to any Christmas shopping list for the fashionable lady who happens to use a wheelchair.

Peruse all of the new arrivals: IZ Adaptive Clothing

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