The Ever-So Important Wheelchair Bag

When you become a wheelchair user, there a TON of things you need to get in order to make your everyday wheeling as comfortable and user-friendly as possible. The right seat, the right backrest, the right everything; oh and don’t forget the right wheelchair bag. The tote, the backpack, the purse, whenever you want to call it; having this item is a must.

The able-bodied world may think the topic of a wheelchair bag couldn’t be more boring, but it you use a wheelchair on a daily basis, you know how crazy important this seemingly blah object is. It carries so many important things. Being able to access it, get one without spending a fortune, and making sure it looks pretty cool, are some of the top things you need from a bag.

For some fresh ways to look at the wheelchair bag, from DIY to a clever way to get your bag out from behind you, check out three of some of our best wheelchair bag videos. Read this entry

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