Best of Overseas Wheelchair Tricks

It’s not every day you see someone in a wheelchair rolling down a staircase or spinning on their back wheels as they make their way down a hall, but these skills…oh they exist, and a lot of them come from overseas.

No doubt a product of their environment, people who use manual wheelchairs and live in countries with less-than accessibility have to get creative. No one likes being stuck, and boy do these folks know what to do.

Whether they’re flying over stairs or using monkey-bars in the park, chances are you’ll be in awe. Read this entry

SCI Superstar: Matt Scott

Look close…chances are you might recognize Matt Scott. By far one of the most accomplished wheelchair basketball players in the world, he’s been winning international wheelchair basketball cup titles since 2008.

He’s also a medal-winning Paralympian, a former Nike spokesperson and a nominee for an ESPY Award. It’s no understatement to say his life has been completely transformed by wheelchair-basketball, and the best part – he’s just a kid from Detroit.

From the Paralympics to kicking butt and taking names playing wheelchair basketball in Turkey, Matt has gone international with his superstardom. Read this entry

The Latest on Male Sexuality and Spinal Cord Injury

Out of everything we lose when we become paralyzed, the effects on our sexuality can be the hardest. Ask any guy with a spinal cord injury what he misses most and chances are he’ll say his sexuality.

But the good news – there’s hope for a better tomorrow. There are constant discoveries being made and experts lining up to give advice, all aiming to give men with spinal cord injuries this part of their life back.

Still aren’t sure it’s possible? Watch our three videos to see what we mean. Read this entry

SCI Superstar: Jamie Goodwin

One of the most internet-famous wheelers we’ve featured yet, Jamie Goodwin, a 38 year old mom from Canton, Georgia, has made a name for herself with her Facebook group Wheelin’ Weightloss. Two years ago she made the decision to start losing  baby-weight, and since starting her group she’s become a veritable online sensation.

But it hasn’t been easy. Despite not making it on the 14th season of The Biggest Loser (a reality show dedicated to helping people lose weight), and being bummed about it, Jamie went on to lose the weight on her own, and the best part – she’s inspiring thousands online.

Still shedding the pounds and more active than she’s been in years, check out Jamie’s story of reclaiming who she once was. Read this entry

Wheelchair Hunting Season 2014

It’s that time of year again – hunting season – when individuals who don’t need to hunt do so anyways in the name of sport and camaraderie. And in many areas around the world, hunting helps keep wild animal numbers under control.

This is why, whether you are for or against it, you can’t deny that hunting brings people together and this is especially the case for people with disabilities.

There are so many organizations and tools that exist to help people with spinal cord injuries hunt again, it’s almost a travesty if you don’t try it at least once.

And hunting is in full swing, which means there’s no time like the present to get involved. So if you’re curious, watch the three videos we’re highlighting below – all made in the last year – showing some sweet feats accomplished by hunters with spinal cord injuries.

After you watch them, you will definitely be wanting to try a little hunting asap. Read this entry

Paraplegic flies 16,000 miles from UK to Australia

Clearly not afraid of heights, British adventurer and pilot Dave Sykes is a paraplegic you’ll never forget. Famous for his epic 16,000 mile journey in a microlight aircraft from the UK to Australia, he has taken up flying post-injury in a most fearless way.

Also an author, an active supporter of the British military and a rumored fabulous boyfriend, Dave is the latest SCI superstar we’re excited to share with our followers.

His story is all about perseverance and flight, and is sure to change the way you think about who’s in the sky overhead. Read this entry

Rolling in the Trees: Wheelchair Accessible Treehouses

In the vast world of treehouses, only a handful are wheelchair accessible. It’s not easy putting a ramp into a tree, especially if you’re following ADA ramp-grade guidelines, but the good news – it can totally be done.

Whether it’s Treehouse Masters, the reality show that follows Pete Nelson and his treehouse crew, to something a bit more inconspicuous like a park in Illinois, just know that it’s possible. Read this entry

Meet the first paralyzed woman to compete in Ironman triathlon – Trish Downing

The first female disabled athlete to compete in an Ironman triathlon, meet Trish Downing, a lifelong athlete who transformed into a top-tier adapted athlete post-injury. Now a self-described endurance athlete, Trish has not been afraid to push herself in the face of paraplegia.

Also going on to found an all female disability sports camp, become a published author AND a motivational speaker all after her accident, the last thing Trish wanted to do was sit at home and forget about her once physically active life. She has taken her life by the reins in a big way, and it shows.

For a taste of the sweet Colorado life and how she was able to achieve it, this is the story of Trish Downing. Read this entry

Video Evidence: Taxi Wheelchair Discrimination a Worldwide Problem

Are you familiar with this similar dreadful scenario? You use a wheelchair but you gotta get somewhere, so you park on the curb patiently waiting for a cab to stop.

But you wait, you wait and you wait some more, realizing no cabs are interested in stopping. And the reason? Your wheelchair.

All cabbies see when they see us? A lot of work. It’s blatant discrimination and it happens all around the globe, even sadly in London where nearly every cab is wheelchair accessible.

Here are three videos highlighting this serious issue. Get ready to be appalled. Read this entry