SCI Superstar: Kevin Saunders

No it’s not Chuck Norris in a wheelchair, it’s Kevin Saunders; one of the greatest US wheelchair athletes of all time. The first person with a disability to serve on the President’s Council of Physical Fitness (under President George Bush), and reelected by President Clinton, Kevin Saunders has been like a phoenix since his spinal cord injury nearly 34 years ago.

And that’s not all. He went on to become a Paralympian in track and field, an all-star athlete in wheelchair racing and he even worked with Oliver Stone as a consultant on his famous film, Born on the 4th of July.

Now one of the most well-known speakers in the world, read on for Kevin Saunders’ unforgettable story. Read this entry

  1. Kevin has been a hero of mine! I served in the US Army and successfully completed some of the most demanding schools/courses in the world and was selected “Honor Grad” in 2 of the schools/courses. While attending qualification programs, to earn the privilege of attending such honored and respected courses, I felt like quitting many times. I had a photo of Kevin in my pocket, that I had laminated, to withstand the environmental exposures. I pulled that photo out many times and gained inspiration and motivation to complete the course and to push myself harder than any other Soldier. I knew, from my Dad’s experience in Vietnam, My Great Uncle and Grandfather’s experiences in the Korean War and WW II, that I was only getting a sample of what actual combat would be like and in order to ensure the safety and survival of my teammates, I had to properly prepare myself. Most people enter such programs for the “prestige” and for promotional reasons. I attended to prepare myself to defend my country and to “Win the Moment”, when I would be face-to-face with an adversary. Not only was I fighting for my survival, I was fighting for my family, friends and country. I gained such insight from my family, who went in to battle before me and from “Heroes”, like Kevin. I safely completed 3 combat assignments and various missions, because of you, Kevin and I will forever be thankful for the impact you had on my life. I realize that you don’t know me or that I even exist; however, the important thing is, I know you and benefited from your hard work and your refusal to wave that white flag. There are several others, who served with me, who benefited from the drive you gave me, as well. Even though I have scars that will never heal and I experienced some painful things, like losing my buddy, to a gunshot wound to the head, as we stood talking, I will perceiver, because, you have shown the way!

    Thanks Kevin! HOO-RAH!

    John R. Curtis

    1. What a great reply John! Ty for sharing! <3

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