Why I Will Not Be Watching the Sex & City Reboot

For all I know, Kim Cattrall doesn’t even want to be involved in the reboot, but I feel possessed to say something. This was the first TV show I binged after all. It holds a special place in my heart, but Samantha holds an even deeper space in my heart. Like deep, deep. Just call her Samantha, the heart miner.

As a young twentysomething woman, this show literally showed me, and women all around the globe, what our sex lives were capable of whether that be good or bad, but in Samantha’s case, it was always a very good thing. She was the best character in the show. And I’m not just saying that because I’m also blonde and have been known to have a voracious sexual appetite.

No. Kim Cattrall’s portrayal of a financially and sexually independent woman in her 40’s (gasp), was unheard of in any other arena of media at the time. And honestly, I can’t think of any other character that has been portrayed since Samantha that has been better when it comes to possessing these fierce fucking qualities.

Samantha in many ways made the world better for women. While the other characters wiled away, pining for a husband or crying over over a man that said goodbye on a Post-It, Samantha was on the offense at all times. She never let a man’s ineptitude veer her off her goals in life. Eh-hem…now why isn’t she returning again?

Sure, Carrie, Charlotte and Miranda are all adorable and look great in clothes, and I’ll admit, I squeed when their storylines had a happy ending just like every other person watching, but do I really care what’s going right now in their lives? Nah. The only character I honestly would love to see are right now is Samantha, and unfortunately she’s not going to be in the reboot. I’m afraid Jason Matheson from The Jason Show is right, and she’ll probably be killed off in the first episode in some funeral scene while the other ladies sit around her coffin wearing luxe black designer clothes and big sunglasses.

There are rumors that Sarah Jessica Parker did not get along with Kim Cattrall in real life, which is why Samantha Jones will not be in the new series. Really? Are they that immature to forgo such a monumental and important character over on-set emotions? Who knows what the truth is. Only those who are involved know. All I know is that Samantha won’t be in the reboot while so many minor characters are…and I simply cannot observe this travesty. My heart is broken.

Now excuse me while I go watch Mannequin.


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