Halloween on Wheels

Halloween is upon us; one of my favorite times of year. And even if you don’t celebrate, you have to admit the holiday has some pretty cool elements – have a good time, be someone else for the day, scare a few people and eat candy. How awesome of a holiday is that?

And it seems everywhere I go, I always meet wheelchair-users who love Halloween.  Maybe it’s because it’s fun to be someone else because let’s face it, always being the “wheelchair person” gets old. Why not be a superhero or a rolling photo booth, instead of a medical contraption like it usually is?

If you love Halloween too, then you’ll love our four must-see Halloween videos below, showing everything from a wheelchair costumer’s point-of-view on being the “wheelchair version” of whatever character to a video of one of the best costumes I’ve seen yet for a wheelchair-user. Read this entry