Podcast 100 – Stephen Cluskey, Irish Quad Determinded to Provide Accessible Transport for All

Born and raised in the Dublin area, Stephen shares his awesome story of survival.  Injured when he was 18 in a fall, the now 29 year old is about to receive his business degree, which is incredibly apropos considering he just launched a website to help people with disabilities find accessible taxis in Ireland (with an app along the way too).

Stephen also shares his tips for getting around his country as a wheelchair-user, as well as the blood, sweat and tears he dedicated to rehab for 5 years post-injury. He also shares his epic story of meeting Bono and being invited to a recording session (yes really).

The Celtic Tiger lands right here on No Free Rides, and he drinks Heineken. It’s a good one, especially if you love Irish accents (*g*). Listen via the player below.

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Show runs time is 55 minutes.

Show Links

– Stephen’s accessible cab site: Wheelchair Taxi – Driving Social Change

– Stephen’s column in The Journal: “At 18, I felt invincible but a sudden accident left me paralysed from the neck down


SCI Superstar: Stephen Cluskey

The journey after a spinal cord injury is always uncharted territory. Some of us hole ourselves up at home waiting for a cure to happen, and then there’s Stephen Cluskey, a free spirited Irishmen who’s used his injury as a platform for the change he’d like to see in the world.

It all started one crazy night out on Dublin that left him stranded until 6:00 am.  He began thinking about how people with disabilities can be without accessible transportation all too easily. And to him, this is a great injustice.

Read on to learn about Stephen Cluskey, a quadriplegic determined to not only heal himself, but one the biggest problems facing wheelchair-users in his home country. Read this entry