Wheels on Water: Making Boats Universally Accessible

Other than walking, getting on boats is another activity most people think we can’t do. Cruise ships sure, but speedboats, dingys, fishing boats and everything else, not so much. Didn’t you know a spinal cord injury makes stuff like that impossible (dripping with sarcasm)?

You can’t argue our mobility levels are severely limited, no denying that, but that doesn’t mean boats are an impossibility. All it takes is someone with a creative edge to create the accessibility features we need, whether it’s the company itself or the end-user (always more risky, but sometimes you have no other option).

If you’re dreaming of boating once again, know that it can happen whether you’re a paraplegic or quadriplegic. It can take some serious modifications, but for boat lovers with spinal cord injuries, that’s just minor details. Read this entry

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