I’m hosting a new podcast for SPINALpedia.com. It’s called – Life After Paralysis. Please check it out on iTunes here

Also, please check out my old podcast, SCI Life Uncovered, on iTunes here

  1. Thankfully I am not fully paralyzed, but I would have been without immediate surgical intervention. I have Cauda Equina Syndrome, a rare SIC that has left me disabled. I am looking for a podcast willing to let me tell my story and the issues other patients have experienced just getting an MRI to diagnosis it. Time is of the essence, so those people are losing valuable function. 98% of physicians have needed me to educate them on the condition and my own family believed I was exaggerating until the saw me fall on a nearly weekly basis. I want to draw attention to its existence, the red flag systems, the failure on the part of the medical field, and what it’s actually like living with it. It’s devastating quite frankly. I cope okay, but I am struggling. My ultimate goal is to help others with disabilities. I have loving support, but that support is still invalidating since they think I’m being dramatic. I’d love to come on your pod and chat. Thank you!!

    1. Hi Angelina! I would love to feature you 🙂 Whats your email?

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