SCI Superstar: Dorine Bourneton

The people of France have long been obsessed with aviation. From sponsoring the Wright Brothers to perfecting the hot air balloon, the French love to take to the air.

This is why it should come as no surprise that Dorine Bourneton, a paraplegic and French woman, made history as the first woman with paralysis to receive her acrobatic pilot’s license in the world.

But it wasn’t easy getting where she is today. From her injury that also occurred in the skies to receiving her professional pilot’s license post-injury, Dorine has one indomitable spirit. Read on for her amazing story

SCI Superstar: Stuart Turner

A roboticist with a focus on drones, one of the best accessibility consultants on the planet and a well-known speaker who’s shared his thoughts with the likes of TEDx and WIRED, Stuart Turner is without a doubt one of the most tech-savvy quadriplegics in the world.

Also the founder of, a site dedicated to illuminating the importance (and possibilities!) of integrating robotics into assistive technology, Stuart is one impressive Brit. His main drive is to open up the world to people with spinal cord injuries.

A man with an eye to the future in a profound way, this is the amazing Stuart Turner. Read this entry

Rolling in the Trees: Wheelchair Accessible Treehouses

In the vast world of treehouses, only a handful are wheelchair accessible. It’s not easy putting a ramp into a tree, especially if you’re following ADA ramp-grade guidelines, but the good news – it can totally be done.

Whether it’s Treehouse Masters, the reality show that follows Pete Nelson and his treehouse crew, to something a bit more inconspicuous like a park in Illinois, just know that it’s possible. Read this entry

SCI Superstar: Sang-Mook Lee

You’ve likely heard of Stephen Hawking before, but have you heard of Sang-Mook Lee? Called the “Stephen hawking of Korea,” Sang-Mook is a world famous oceanographer and professor from Seoul National University. He’s been studying the ocean on the earth beneath it for years, and he’s only been paralyzed since 2006.

Sang-Mook’s story is one of the ages. He may have been injured at the height of his career, but he fought hard to get back to his everyday life. Within six months he was teaching again, if that gives you any idea of the dedicated and true scientist that Sang-Mook truly is. Read this entry

DIYs by Spinal Cord Injured Folks We Love, Pt. II

So many DIYs (do-it-yourself), so little time; that is the theme of all of the awesome homemade videos being made by people with spinal cord injuries. They can sometimes make what they need, and save a bunch of money in the process. We’ve profiled some awesome DIYs in the past, and we’re at it again.

In this installment we’re profiling some impressive custom wheelchairs, as well as an art project almost anybody can do at home (and definitely something fun to do over the winter).

If you’re looking to save money, these are the videos you want to watch. Read on for three brand new DIY videos to hit the web from people with spinal cord injuries. Read this entry

Ultimate Accessible Apartment Living

Leaving the hospital after a spinal cord injury is one of the most stressful things anyone can endure. Everything is completely different and you must relate to the world in a whole new way. This is especially true with your home.

For many of us, our favorite room or activity in our home is no longer possible, and it can feel pretty lousy on top of everything else we’re already dealing with.

For this post we’re specifically talking about accessible modifications in apartments – they’re some of the most popular forms of housing for many people with SCI, and there are many things you can do to an apartment despite being a renter. There are some great accessible apartments that come by default too.

Check out three of these apartments below, and some great DIY’s (bike handle grips used to hold a toothbrush!) to help take your place to the next level. Read this entry

Quadriplegic Animator Launches Kickstarter Campaign

drewwarnerDrew Bates, one of the only …if not the best quadriplegic animator/voice-over actor in the world needs your help.  That’s right – he is launching a $30,000 Kickstarter campaign for his REDNECK NINJAS comic/cartoon.

I have been a fan of REDNECK NINJAS for years, and Drew deserves the chance to create the hysterical shorts I know he has in him. If he meets his $30k Kickstarter goal, his plan is to create three new 60 second animated shorts for his YouTube channel, and if they’re anything like this one, you know they’ll be good.

So donate! I mean how can you not?! Have you seen Drew’s cute mug? =) Pledge here.

And remember, it’s rurally powerful, Kung-fu cool!

– Pledge today! REDNECK NINJAS on Kickstarter

– His official site: Drew Bates, the quadriplegic animator

– My podcast interview w/ Drew Bates: Drew Bates: Voice-over actor, storyteller, aims high – June, 2011

SCI Superstar: Mark E. Felling

The “mad scientist” of adapted technology, Mark Felling, Engineer, Patented Inventor and Founder of adapted gear profferer Broadened Horizons, is a quadriplegic on a mission.

Ever since crashing his experimental plane a decade ago, he’s been determined to use his engineering skills to make his life, and other’s like his, easier.

Several life-changing technologies for people with disabilities have been invented by Mark, and he continues to create more each year, all to empower people with disabilities.

From a powered tenodesis hand splint he calls the “Power Grip” to some of the best adapted video game equipment ever made, this is the story of Mark Felling, the man who never stops dreaming. Read this entry

Wheelchair Dating Advice Direct from the Source

Everyone has an opinion on dating, but not everyone has one when it comes to the wheelchair side of things. Most people, let’s be honest, don’t even think about wheelchair-users in the realm of dating, but the truth is that many of us want to date or are currently dating. We too are in need of dating advice.

Fortunately there are a handful of wheelchair-users who love doling it out. They may not be as plentiful as the Dr. Ruth’s of this world, but they’re out there and they’re recording their advice just for you; and w00t, they’ve made some amazing videos.

Straight from the heart advice coming right at ya, here are three unforgettable videos from wheelchair-users on the sticky topic of wheelchair dating. Read this post