Yellow Nails, Baby

I realize it may be incredibly hard to comprehend, but yes, YELLOW nail polish is in right now. Look! Even Rihanna is wearing it! And guess what? I am too *smirk*

Call me a trend whore all you want. I actually like this trend.

Oh, and Happy Labor Day USA folks!

– Tiff

PS. Major announcement will come, assuredly, next week.

New Design! Likey?

And in celebration I present to you the best dance song ever from ROMANIA of all places: The “Numa Numa Song” by Ozone!

Expect some really cool shit from the blog in the next few days, including a MAJOR announcement.


Electrodes to the rescue once again!

Will this work if you’re teh paralyzed? That has yet to be seen.

But to sum up: The “ORGASMATRON” (best name evah! and no, it’s not a pervo superhero), aka officially, the Slightest Touch, is this wacky electrode device that you strap onto your legs that purportedly gets women to a pre-orgasmic state. Oooooh?!

More info!

– Tiff

Oh Noes! “China Girl” Hath Broke!

You know David Bowie is crying in a corner somewhere about this.

And yes, I realize I may be a bit late in posting this, but hell, it needed to be blogged about anyways. So listen to this SHIT:

“Liu Yan, who was part of the Silk Road dance (of the Beijing Olympic Opening Ceremonies), fell more than three metres from a piece of scenery, landing on her head and back after a miscalculation by other performers who were supposed to catch her on a moving platform.”

And the shitty part? Well, the first part being the gov’t lied and said she just broke her leg, but damn:

“Sources inside the stadium told The Telegraph that Liu was left lying in agony on the set for more than 50 minutes before she was attended by paramedics because of the strict security cordon which had been thrown around the rehearsals.”

But hey, at least Zhang Yimou, the director of the entire opening ceremonies (the same guy who wanted 16,000 shirts to be yellow instead of blue two days before the ceremony, came to visit her in the hospital). “You paid such a great price for the Olympic Games and for our country. This made me very, very heart-broken. We are very grateful to you, and so is our country.”

She’s now a T11 para. One can only help wonder what kind of life, in any, lies ahead for Yan in the years ahead. It’s not like China is all over equal-treatment of people with disabilities. Poor thing.

View the full story here

– Tiff

Cherry Blossom

Here’s my new favorite perfume!

My new scent – Cherry Blossom – is from Bath and Body Works, and it’s the perfect combination of both floral AND fruity notes (with notes of dewy watermelon, red plum, cherry blossom, and freesia).

It costs a reasonable $18.50/bottle (1.7oz). Way better than department stores prices, and it smells just as good.

I’m in love, people.

– Tiff