Ridiculous and perverted, or genius?

Dreams of romping like a porn star, my friends, is an equal opportunity business.

The Intimate Rider, a bouncy sex chair created for people with disabilities (specifically for those who can’t move their hips), is undoubtedly the most interesting sex toy to come out in years. Catering to a population usually ignored by the sex toy industry, people with disabilities can now waste hundreds of dollars, just like everyone else, on overpriced knockin’ boots equipment…

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– Tiff

We are the dreamers of dreams

Dreams may be mysterious, but at the end of the day they are only a sequence of images, sounds, and feelings.

And the proposed notion that dreams, albeit vacation-like (at times) and fascinating, may be something more – such as a prophetic message or the soul traveling outside the body (also known as “astral travel”), is something we’ll leave to Sylvia Browne to answer. In the meantime, Dream Facts…
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– Tiff

Bizarre facts about having a spinal cord injury

Everyone knows what a spinal cord is (pictured left, courtesy of the Miami Project to Cure Paralysis), and a lot of people can even correctly say (especially nowdays, thanks to Christopher Reeve and stem cell research) what a spinal cord injury is.

But the bizarre add-ons – the wacky things that happen to your body when your spinal cord is decommissioned – do you even want to know? If you’re the kind of person who thrives on the bizarre, or if you’re you aiming to get on Jeopardy, then this blog is for you…

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– Tiff

Tinted Lip Balms

I’m constantly getting bored with my makeup routine. The latest makeup product I’ve decided to mix it up with is lipstick. Instead of blah blah boring lipstick (and lately I’ve been feeling it looks like you’re trying to hard when you wear it anyways), I’ve been experimenting with tinted lip balms.

I love these! They’re good for your lips, they give you the perfect tint of color, and the best part, they make your lips look kissable. Here are some of my favorite tinted lip balms on the market.

Pixi Rose Lip Treat. $12. Available at Target. Contains Vitamin E, rose extract, and comes in rose or fawn.

Burt’s Bee Lip Shimmer. $5. Available at most drug stores. Contains sunflower oil, and comes in 13 colors.

Benetint Lip Balm. $20. Available at high-end department stores. Contains Vitamin E, SPF 15, and comes in rose (and smells like roses too).

Are there any other brands out there I’m missing?

Also, if you already have plain lip balm on hand like I do (I have three new, uncolored, Lipsmackers in my makeup case right now), you can make your own tinted lip balm by removing the lip balm from the tube completely, nuking it in the microwave for 20-30 seconds, adding a hint of color by adding a little bit of eye shadow or lipstick, and then you can put it all back in the tube for instant tinted lip balm.

– Tiff

“Hands-free” wheelchair helps users bust a move

Imagine a wheelchair that moves depending on whatever the direction you lean in? That’d be pretty sweet, right (not to mention a show-stopper on the dance floor).

Well, it’s now a reality thanks to University of South Florida’s choreography instructor, Merry Lynn Morris.

Like most worthwhile inventions, Morris was inspired to create the Rolling Dance Chair after a personal experience: Having with a father who become disabled. And he, just like me, loved to dance…click for the rest of this blog here.

– Tiff

Latest Xable podcast: Susan Maus and U2fp

I just recorded this podcast with the fantabulous Susan Maus last week. She broke her neck in a roll-over in 2000, and subsequently (because she’s hardcore like that) became like, the best SCI advocate in the entire USA. She is so amazing.

You simply must listen, if not just to hear her discuss all the current (and exciting!) things happening in the field of SCI research. When I grow up I want to be just like Susan Maus.

Hop on over to the podcast aqui!

Oh, and we also talk about her involvement in U2FP and their planned rally in Chicago this summer. AND (the best part) you get to hear about the stripper my friends got me for me 1/2 birthday! FTW!

– Tiff