SCI Superstar: Angela Irick

It takes a lot of gusto to step out in the world the way Angela Irick has. A C1-2 quadriplegic since 1996, she’s been bound and determined not to let her paralysis hold her back from her dreams. While it’s certainly not easy navigating the world with an injury as high as hers, that hasn’t stopped her.

As the founder of Heels with Wheels, an online fashion store for women with disabilities and a dedicated committee member for Ms. Wheelchair Texas, Angela is staying true to what she loves. Read on for Angela Irick’s awesome story of moving on and doing it with style. Read this entry

No Free Rides episode #103 – Matthew Celebreto, Founder of WheelStrong Sports

In episode #103 of No Free Rides, we are joined by founder of WheelStrong Sports, Matthew Celebreto, paralyzed nearly 10 years ago in a car accident. Tiffiny asks Matthew to share the story of how his workout site came to be, plus all the goodies you can find on his site, from videos showing wheelchair exercises to blog posts on how to eat the right way as a wheelchair-user.

Tiffiny and Matthew also discuss moving on after an injury and retooling your career, which is never easy, as well as living in the moment and not languishing, waiting for a cure.

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Show run time is 47 minutes.

Laundry From Your Wheelchair: Managing the Chore Solo

It can be tricky doing all the chores you did before you were paralyzed. Even if you’re a T12 paraplegic, there’s tough things you’ll encounter – dusting ceiling fans, wiping bathroom mirrors, vacuuming stairs; boring chores no one wants to do but must be done. And one of the toughest, doing the laundry.

People with disabilities however tend to make rather mundane things more interesting, and these videos showing some of their best laundry tricks prove.

There are loads of issues you can run into doing laundry sitting down – reaching into the washer/dryer, using stackable machines and so much more. Read this entry

SCI Superstar: Scott Rains

Dr. Scott Rains may not hold a doctorate in magic, but he might as well, considering how he was able to transform his career post-injury. His doctorate is in ministry, but after some wise pondering post-injury he realized an opportunity presented itself to meld two worlds he loved – travel and the world disability community.

A true traveler in his soul, Scott has had the travel bug since his teens despite a spinal cord injury that could have easily waylaid him. And the career he’s been able to forge for himself – an international accessibility consultant – has helped millions of people worldwide. Read this entry

Amazing Wheelchair Accessible Homes

Wheelchair or walking, we all want that “dream” house. Maybe it’s not pink with turrets or a giant brick castle like the homes we dreamt of having one day as kids, but they’re still there; a twinkle in our mind’s eye, a bit modified of course now that you gotta use a wheelchair.

No longer do we want a bowling alley or a house with multi-levels. Or maybe you do, and you just want an elevator (or a bunch of really cool artfully placed ramps). But the point is – the ‘dream’ house is certainly a bit different when you use a wheelchair. There’s no question about it.

But oh my can wheelchair accessible homes still be quite beautiful. Read on for three cool videos that show how gorgeous these homes can be, from a draft of a sweet contemporary studio that’s totally accessible to a lake home renovation that’ll make you drool. Read this entry

SCI Superstar: Tatyana McFadden

They say our early years have a strong effect on who we become, and this is certainly the case for US Paralympian Tatyana McFadden. Until the age of 6, Tatyana was living in a Russian orphanage walking on her hands because there were no wheelchairs available and was known by the orphanage’s staff for her stubborn “I can do it on my own” personality.

A grim future no doubt, but her entire life changed in 1995 when her future adoptive mother Deborah McFadden, who was working for the United States government and was in Russia to disburse aid, met Tatyana while visiting her orphanage. She fell in love with her spirit, and even though she wasn’t thinking about adopting, she adopted Tatyana in hopes of giving her a true future.

Deborah was temporarily paralyzed for a year with Guillaine Barre Syndrome, so she personally understands the life of someone with a mobility disability, hence her desire to help Tatyana. To find out how Tatyana went on to become one of the most decorated wheelchair racers in the world after settling the United States, check out our post below. Read this post

The Sochi Winter Olympics haven’t even begun yet and there’s already drama to behold. From not being able to flush toilet paper down the toilets to possible bombs hiding out in the toothpaste tubes, the Olympics are definitely going to be interesting.

This is especially true when it comes to wheelchair accessibility. A country not known as being a bastion for disability friendliness, Russia made sure to amp it up big time to meet the standards of “first world” accessibility. They’ve made a lot of awesome changes in Sochi, and they’ve incorporated people with disabilities into every area of Olympics planning.

Check out three videos below showing how Sochi has gotten ready for wheelchair-users, including wheelchair performers in the opening ceremonies. Read this entry

SCI Superstar: “Hollywood Quad” Jim Troesh

Born with a truly wicked sense of humor, Jim Troesh was one of the funniest quadriplegics alive, if self-deprecating humor is your thing. Known as the “Hollywood Quad,” Jim was a C3-4 quad and is a legend till this day in Hollywood for being the first at many things in the entertainment industry as a quadriplegic.

The first quad to be a SAG member, the first quad to join the actors union and the only quad to star in a network television program in the 1980s, Jim Troesh is deserving of a Hollywood star himself. He was also an improv humorist, screenwriter, disability advocate, adventurist and a great friend to many, including several celebrities.

Read on to learn everything about Jim Troesh. He may no longer be with us physically, but what he’s left behind – leaving the door open to others in wheelchairs wanting to get into the entertainment industry – is his true legacy. Read this entry