SCI Superstar: Shannon Chisholm

Bodybuilding is a sport that celebrates the human body, which is why so many SCIers are drawn to it (we love making what we still got as awesome as possible). But for Shannon Chisholm, she was in love with bodybuilding long before her injury.

Her journey into bodybuilding began over 10 years ago when she decided to change her lifestyle after being diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. The bodybuilding and healthy diet worked, and she was a successful amateur bodybuilder for several years. But her world changed nearly 2 years ago while riding her bicycle to the gym one morning.

Read on for the awesome story of a full-time mother, wife to a high school sweetheart and one of the best paralyzed bodybuilders currently competing,  Shannon Chisholm. Read this entry

Enjoying Hot Water Healing, Safely

Some of us resort to getting lifted into the delicious hot water because we’re not strong enough, while others have figured out clever ways to get themselves in using some serious transfers sills.

There’s even a transfer aid available that’s perfect for hot tubs. So stop looking at the hot water lovingly wishing you can get in, and read how it’s possible below.

Our first video comes from seasoned spinal cord injured video-maker WheelzofFortune, a 20-something paraplegic who’s made hundreds of videos showing how he does things in life.

In this video of him enjoying a hot tub, he shows how he can transfer himself completely out of the hot tub independently. Read this entry

No Free Rides episode #102 – Rebecca Tripp, Ascender of Trees

In episode #102 of No Free Rides, we are joined by nature lover Rebecca Tripp, a paraplegic from Maine who participated in one of the coolest summer research programs ever with the REU Canopy Explorers that took her up into the treetops of Kansas (to gather lichen samples no less).

The lichen may not be that cool, but the bringing of multiple disabled students and non-disabled students into the trees sure is.

Tiffiny and Rebecca also discuss her injury 6 years ago, which was influenced by depression, and how she’s come full circle. Rebecca opens up about her difficult first few years after breaking her back, and how discovering she can still partake in nature, and not do it behind a desk, helped her find true happiness.

Listen via the player below.

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Show run time is 35 minutes.


Show Links

Application to be part of the REU Canopy Explorers in 2014

REU Canopy Explorers

Rebecca’s essay on her summer experience with the program

SCI Superstar: Anthony Netto

When Anthony Netto was injured in a car accident in 1994, hit by by a drunk driver while on his way to a major golf tournament in South Africa, he thought he would never be able to play golf again. But fortunately for all of the golfers in the world, he did not concede so easily.

Instead, after meeting a young boy with a disability while in rehab, his self-pity went out the window and he decided to figure out how he could golf again. Anthony ended up creating one of the coolest machines ever invented to help people without leg movement to stand up and play golf. Read his amazing story and how he’s helping others rediscover golf here.

Turning Your Wheels Into a Paintbrush

Creating art can be quite cathartic, especially if you’ve gone through a traumatic bodily experience like a spinal cord injury.  And while many people spinal cord injuries have discovered painting post-injury, not many use their wheels as their paintbrush. It’s a very cool growing art however.

From a manual wheelchair-user creating thin lines with his wheels to a power wheelchair-user creating art with a more robust tire-track look, check out three videos below showing one of the coolest art forms to exist solely because of a wheelchair. Read this entry

SCI Superstar: Nina Muhonen

“A will of steel,” business owner and a certifiable cat lover are just some of the words use to describe the gorgeous Nina Muhonen, a 35 year old C1-2 quadriplegic from Sweden. She may be the most active vent-quad you’ll ever meet.

She wears so many hats – entrepreneur, business owner, photographer, radio host, speaker, published author, Nina’s determination to not let her injury sway her life goals has earned her the respect of millions of Swedes, and many more around the globe. Read this entry

How It’s Done: Horse Riding with a Spinal Cord Injury

Riding a horse when you can’t walk can feel almost like the real thing. The canter of the horse; you may not be the one actually walking, but it sure feels like it. It’s no wonder so many people with spinal cord injuries get into horse riding post-injury, or decide to return to it like Amberley Snyder, a barrel racer before her injury.

But horses can be rather scary. They’re size, their scared-easily mindset, it takes some gumption to not let a horse scare you away, especially when you’re sitting down in front of one.

A good kind horse however is more than possible to find; one that will swiftly carry you’re paralyzed butt wherever you want to go, as our very fun horse-riding videos below prove. Check ‘em out!

SCI Superstar: Steve Laux

A Michigan boy who now lives in Minnesota, Steve Laux has by all accounts lived an average life, but not so fast. Voted the Best Dad on Wheels by the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation in 2012, Steve’s determination to live an “average” life post-injury has gotten him in the national spotlight. Read this entry

Dogs Ridin’ On Wheelchairs

Dogs have been man’s best friend ever since some wolves would rather cuddle with us THAN eat us, and this couldn’t be more true for wheelchair-users. We love our fur-babies. They provide us comfort when the rest of the world is being a big fat jerk.

Boy do dogs have an uncanny ability to make us happy. They can be so goofy, so adorable, and be totally clueless of our disabilities, not giving a lick if we’re different.  You can especially see this when they interact directly with our wheelchairs, riding on them whichever way they can. And there are some amazing videos out there showing how cute this can be. Read this entry

SCI Superstar: Teri Thorson

Even though she was injured over 15 years ago, you can still see remnants of her “old life” just by looking at her. A former model and go-go dancer, Teri Thorson, a Canadian Paralympian, as well as a fashion designer and mother, is one of the toughest low quads you’ll ever meet.

She’s also not afraid to go deep and talk about how she was able to overcome her dark early days post-injury. A font of awesome advice, check out the story behind one of the strongest women to hail from Canada, Teri Thorson. Read this entry