“30 Days” in a Wheelchair

From the guy who brought you the award-winning movie, Super Size Me (Morgan Spurlock), comes the FX television show “30 Days.” It’s third season premieres June 3rd. And look what pertinent episode they have coming up!

“Ray played football for Baylor University from 1984-88 before his NFL draft in 1989. He won two Super Bowl rings in 1998 and 1999 as a starting member of the Denver Broncos. …In 1991, Ray was on the field with the Detroit Lions when his teammate and friend, Mike Utley, was involved in a play that left him paralyzed from the chest down.”

For 30 Days, Ray will live in a wheelchair and will rely on his mental discipline to keep his legs immobile. His home and his car will be retrofitted to accommodate his needs. Coaching duties for his son’s football team will continue and Ray will join the Texas Stampede, the wheelchair rugby team featuring players made famous in the documentary film Murderball. He will attend a weekly support group for paraplegics at the Baylor Institute of Rehabilitation and meet with a physical therapist to monitor any potential side effects.

Throughout his 30 Days experience, Ray will be under the medical supervision of Dr. Robert Bruce in order to track any muscle loss, blood clots, pressure sores or other side effects that could occur while he is wheelchair-bound.”

How. awesome. is. that. Talk about a great thing for AB’s to witness.

Go Morgan Spurlock and Ray Crockett. You guys both get free swirly cones from my step-dad’s DQ!

For more info visit the show’s website @ 30 Days.

– Tiff

Say Yes to Wii

So I learned what all the hype was about regarding Nintendo’s Wii over the weekend. It is (yes really) an amazing, revolutionary piece of video-gaming technology. The sensors in it are just mind-blowing. And the greatest part: Even me, a chic who can’t move her fingers, can play some of the games.

Here’s a nice ‘n tasty list of all the games Miss Tiff can play on the beloved Wii: Wii Tennis, Wii Baseball, and Wii Boxing (cheststrap required for that one, since I have zero trunk control and both arms are needed to play that intense game)….but let me tell you, it is ESSENTIAL for Wii Boxing. Each fight lasts long and you are constantly punching for over 3 minutes. I felt like I was doing Tae-Bo. Since I sit all day and am rarely physically active, this felt AMAZING.

Wii Tennis however was by far my fav. Doing backhanded serves, jumping in the air and hitting the ball just barely “in” and getting a point, was hella cool. I was definitely channeling my inner “Venus Williams.” And it was all so easy. I honestly haven’t been able to decently play a video game console since my injury. So thank you Japan, Nintendo, the makers on Wii, whoever, for giving this American quad girl one hell of a long-deprived gaming experience.

I plan on buying a Wii pronto!

– Tiff

“The Orphanage”

Guillermo Del Toro’s latest film “The Orphanage” (“El Orfanato”), is an amazing horror film that literally INVENTS a new genre of horror.

And the best part, it features characters with disabilities. A very interesting, relevant movie for me (and I’m sure for you too).

The reason I believe it invents a new genre within the genre of horror, is because you actually cry tears of joy for the “scary bad people” at the end of the film.

Talk about a mindfuck. I truly loved it!

It’s on DVD and Netflix’s “Play Now” feature, so check it out asap. If you’re a horror fan and don’t mind subtitles, and have a disability on top of all that, you’ll really like this film.

Your sorta-movie reviewer extrordinaire…

– Tiff

Electric minivans actually used to exist…

…until they were killed by the bastards at Chrysler in the mid ’90s. I would ABSOLUTELY LOVE to own an electric minivan. I wonder if this oldie – the EPIC – could’ve been equipped with a lowered floor and stuff (anyone know?), so us gimps could drive it….

I bet Mark E. Smith at Wheelchairjunkie.com would know.

Anyways, for more info on the EPIC and TECVan by Chrysler (and the real conspiracy behind why they were discontinued), visit this very informative site: Allpar.com.


– Tiff

“Pineapple Express”

From the guys that brought you “Superbad” and “Freaks & Geeks” (Seth Rogen most notably), I present to you the upcoming pot-smoking, murder caper, summer comedy: “Pineapple Express”


It opens early August and I CANNOT wait. James Franco is in it and he’s my new celebrity boyfriend, don’t ya know (licks lips evily). I even have a picture of him from a photo-shoot he did for French Vouge on my nightstand (yes, I know I’m a dork).

What can I say? There’s just something about chin-length hair on a guy (Johnny Depp!) that gets me everytime.

Plus, M.I.A.’s “Paper Planes” kick-ass song (which btw is sampled from a Clash song) is in the trailer, so you’re pretty much required to love this movie.


– Tiff