Same site, new look

BeautyAbility has gone all Beyonce and gotten a big fat upgrade. What do you think? (feedback welcomed!) You’ll find all the same great disability content this site is known for, but now it’s easier to view no matter the screen you’re using. And this revamp is just the beginning of new and exciting things to come to BeautyAbility. My plan is to produce a lot more fashion and style videos in the coming months. Have a request? Email me:

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Do You Mind When People Ask?

Being in a wheelchair, you just can’t get away from the inevitable question – “What happened to you?” Out to eat, at school, even in the parking lot, no matter where you are, there will always be someone who will want to know ‘why’ (oh you pesky human curiosity gene). It won’t happen every time you’re out, but it sure happens a lot. How do you feel when it happens? For me, it’s all about context and where I’m at specifically.

Podcast 94: Jessica Cox – a motivational speaker, world’s only armless pilot

jessIn podcast 94, Tiffiny is joined by Jessica Cox, an amazing woman born without arms who’s done stunning things in life, including becoming the world’s first licensed pilot without arms and the only person with no arms to receive a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. And her film needs your support.


A really cool documentry has been made to support a new bill in Minnesota (aiming to get $8 million for paralysis research), made by the father of a newly injured young man. It features NFL punter Chris Kluwe – who spent a day in a wheelchair – to bring awareness to the real life behind spinal cord injuries. I’m included in this film too, munching on chips and salsa with Chris, and talking about the hardness of paralysis for as long as I’ve been in the game – 19 years, 6 monthss. oof).

SCI Superstar: Grant Korgan

So much positive energy flowing from this extreme athlete (injured in 2010 while doing a snowmobile jump).

Grant Korgan was the first person w/ a SCI to trek to the South Pole, which he did last year (and it was made into a film) and he just published a book, Two Feet Back.

AND he recently made his TEDx speaking debut. Meet this amaaazing pro-snowmobiler from Reno, NV (my guest post on SPINALpedia). Read this entry

Use a wheelchair? My favorite smoothie recipes

low-fat-smoothiesLast year, my 2012 New Year’s resolution was to eat healthier. When I made this decision it was the same time I read that pureed watermelon was good for the bladder (I’d had reoccurring bladder problems so this was really interesting to me). Now, I’m smoothie crazy.

And I’ve found some killer recipes for common wheeler ailments. Here are some of my favorites. Read this entry

Featured photo via Flickr member miriamwilcox // Creative Commons

Taking on the shower

showerI look forward to my shower almost as much as my first cup of coffee, but when I was first paralyzed this was so not the case. I could never warm up afterwards, and it never felt like it used to feel.

But now, just feeling just the hot water on my neck and shoulders is enough to make showering one of my favorite things to do now. I finally saw the light.

How do you use of the shower if you can’t walk?  That’s one of the first things kids always ask me. And well, it’s not just a matter of just jumping in the shower now. Things are a bit more complicated. And the answer? By either using a shower chair, a shower bench or maybe taking a bath.

But getting into these contraptions (transfers and the like) is the hard part. Here’s a look at some of the best how to videos what it comes to getting into the shower safely and securely, and some tricks of the trade too. Read this entry

Featured photo via Flickr member miriamwilcox // Creative Commons


Baking from a wheelchair (and not getting burnt)

bakingThere’s nothing more satisfying than a sweet sugary burst to the tongue, and this is especially true if you made it yourself. Tiramisu, Snickerdoodles, a simple white cake, I love it all. But don’t do what I did after my injury. I was too afraid to try.

I finally found the courage to start baking again 6 years ago (way too long of a wait), and despite it being hard because of the whole no finger movement thing, I haven’t looked back.

Baking can be great fun, even therapeutic. Here are some priceless baking tips from wheelers to overcome any possible worries that may be lingering in that pretty little head of yours (too). Read this entry