Wanna get laid, ladies?

Well if you do, this is your golden ticket to gettin’ freaky. And I’m not kidding either. 

This perfume from Bath & Body Works, that smells of night-blooming white tuberose, ylang ylang, Indian jasmine and rare diamond orchid, recently snagged me a new man.

I wish I could say I’m lying, but I’m not. This is HANDS DOWN the most monumental perfume I’ve ever bought. And at $26.50/bottle, you reaaaaaally can’t go wrong.

Love it!

– Tiff

My Latest Guilty Pleasure…

…it ain’t Heroes or Nip/Tuck  anymore. No, it’s now Kath & Kim: My latest TV guilty pleasure. And I have NBC to thank.

Their take on this hysterical Australian-import is a rainbow of win. And I may even be one of the few people who like this show (the reviews haven’t been the best), but I could honestly give a rat’s ass. IT’S GREAT. And their casting choices of Molly Shannon as the embarassing mother, and Selma Blair as the self-centered daughter? Brilliant.

Also, you’d also never guess Molly Shannon was only 8 years Selma’s senior. I still haven’t decided if this is a compliment or not…

Anyways, there’s been three episodes aired to date and you can watch them all for free (and legally) on NBC’S official Kath & Kim website.

– Tiff

PS. If you’re a fan of the Scissor Sisters, you gotta watch the opening credits of the show below. “Cause your filthy, and I’m gorgeous…”

Fantastic song choice, NBC peeps. I’ve seen the Scissor Sisters perform this song live several times. It rocks.

Covet of the Week: Colin Stuart Heels

The Shoe Goddess may have good taste, but little does she know that these Colin Stuart Mary Jane Platform Heels (available at Victoria’s Secret), which she recently recommended on her blog, are also a well-heeled fashion tip for women who use wheelchairs.

The double straps, the stacked heel (great for balancing on foot plates), and the subtle color choices (making them a greart, core shoe closet item), are a simply fantastic buy for women like us.

I too want these in rose satin. Talk about the most perfect shade of pink! Gorg.

You can buy your pair here for $78.

– Tiff

Some People Just Can’t Handle It

And you know what? That’s ok. I’m not here to judge.

Living with paralysis is probably one of the hardest things any human being can endure. So if Daniel James, a British rugby player, wanted to commit suicide because he couldn’t deal with it, it’s totally his perogitive.

Last week this entire story came to light. It made (and still makes) my heart break. I’m not sad because he commited suicide. I’m not even sad because he felt hopeless. I’m sad because he was in this situation in the first place. Why hasn’t a cure for paralysis been found yet?? If we can put rovers on Mars, put men on the Moon, and clone sheep, why in the FUCK can’t we heal tiny areas of spinal cords that have been torn, nicked, or bruised?

I honor the memory of Daniel James. I know his pain all too well. This life never gets easier. It all boils down to how much you want to live, and what makes life for YOU worth living.

Question of the day: How much do you love life?

For me, family, friends, love, good food, music, movies, traveling and seeing the world (even from a wheelchair) make my life worthwhile. I’m not ready to call it quits, but then again I wasn’t a hugely talented rugby player on the brink of hitting the big time before my injury. That’s a lot to lose.

RIP Daniel James. I honestly don’t blame you.

– Tiff

Eat Like Crap, Then Take Yo Vitamins

I love vitamins. You can eat whatever the hell you want, and as long as you take a decent vitamin, you’re in-like-flynn. But the thing about vitamins is that your body doesn’t always absorb them. I’ve noticed that since my SCI, most of the vitamins just exit through my bladder.

Waste of money right?

Well, you can stop wasting your money. I have and I’m getting healthier as a result. You see, $5.99 buys you a bottle of 60-count Flintstones Vitamins. They’re chewable and (the best part) they taste like candy. Your body can easily and completely absorb these babies. I even have a friend who had gastric bypass surgery and his doctor recommends them.

So in the spirit of these vitamins that everyone loves, watch this fantastic vintage Flintstones Vitamins commercial from 1972:

– Tiff  

PS. And what’s the best Flintstones Vitamins flavor? Grape. Like, hello people. Do I even need to say?

Hey Jacket, Stop Being an Ass

Out of all the clothing on this planet, there’s one garment that’s without a doubt the hardest to put on if you’re paralyzed: And that’s the jacket. 

When you’re in a wheelchair, reaching behind/around you, while trying to avoid getting your jacket caught on your push handles (if you have them that is) is seriously one of the most scream-inducing things ever.

And even though I’ve been injured for 15 years, I still haven’t found a trick that works every time. Have you? It’s almost winter and jacket-season is upon us.

Help! I’m sick of fighting with my bloody jacket!

– Tiff

PS. And no, ponchos are not an option. Can you say EW?

Transformer Tiff

Seriously, I’d be ok with this. If stem cells can’t cure me in my lifetime, I’d have no beef in taking robotic technology instead. Potato, potatoe. So…do I look sexy or what?

Don’t know if you’re in the loop or not, but there’s been a lot of research happening this year in the robotic technology field (2008 is the Year of the Rat afterall, symbolizing activity, hard work, and renewal), giving hope to people with spinal cord injuries everywhere; providing real belief that being able to walk again will happen in their lifetime (with ReWalk being one of the companies that’s gotten the most attention).

Check this bad boy out (yet to be featured on this blog…I think): The HAL Exoskeleton Suit.  Pretty rad, huh?

– Tiff

Found It, Cause I Rock

Ok, my friend C really rocks, but it’s all the same to you now isn’t it? See, not too long ago I blogged about peelable toenail polish, and now “I’ve” found peelable fingernail polish. Score indeed! The company that makes it is Incoco and it’s only available at Walgreen’s. Watch this YouTube vid to see what all the fuss is about:

Cost? $4.99. Want more info? Check out Incoco’s Dry Nail Polish here.

– Tiff