Transformer Tiff

Seriously, I’d be ok with this. If stem cells can’t cure me in my lifetime, I’d have no beef in taking robotic technology instead. Potato, potatoe. So…do I look sexy or what?

Don’t know if you’re in the loop or not, but there’s been a lot of research happening this year in the robotic technology field (2008 is the Year of the Rat afterall, symbolizing activity, hard work, and renewal), giving hope to people with spinal cord injuries everywhere; providing real belief that being able to walk again will happen in their lifetime (with ReWalk being one of the companies that’s gotten the most attention).

Check this bad boy out (yet to be featured on this blog…I think): The HAL Exoskeleton Suit.  Pretty rad, huh?

– Tiff

  1. You look pretty dam sexy, I’d probe ya:) pretty crazy vid, looks less bulky than i expected.

  2. Looks great Tiff 🙂 Maybe an idea for Halloween (that’s somewhere around now isn’t it? I was looking out for a post about that, you always have these great costumes!)

  3. thanks abe, you pervo 😀

    corien: lol that would make a pretty cool halloween costume indeedio!

  4. pretty sweet! I wonder if we could get this in black… or learn to work the stormtrooper angle 😀

  5. what’s exactly the stormtrooper angle?

  6. lol having the whole plasticy and white thing going on with the suit

  7. The rewalk is amazing. It is my hope that they really will have it on the US market in 2010. My daughter, 18 is super psyched and hopes to have a chance at one.

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