Visit ChinaTown ASAP!

It’s no secret I enjoy being a girl. I relish in it, in fact. And my peoples (omg how I adore this site) ChinaTowner is seriously the best place online to buy a super sexy dress for INCREDIBLY cheap. I am in love with this site so much that just visiting it and browsing it¬†puts me in a better mood. The dress pictured on the left, for example,¬†is only $33 (approx).

They’re designs are just freakin’ fabulous….fierce even, dope!

And you know, with the holiday season right around the corner (sort of, but it will be here sooner than you think), I can’t think of a better site to buy the perfect holiday dress.

And remember, if you sit 24/7 empire waists, longer hems (short dresses just won’t work unless you don’t care if you have an “Oopsies!” Britney Spears moment), and anything that accentuates the shoulders, bust, and neck are your best bet.

You simply must take into account that clothes, ie dresses, WILL look different in a sitting position.

Make it work!

– Tiff

Latest Fashionista Lingo

In case you’re not in the know, read this.

It’s all about saying “dope” or “fierce” right now, my ladies. “Prune” means “ew.”

And “cool?” Well that’s just so uncool I don’t know where to begin…lulz.


ALSO! “On-trend” is much more hip to say¬†than “trendy.”

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– Tiff

Don’t Choke Yourself Now

If you think you’re just seeing things, and think that everyone (including guys) are wearing neck scarves, well you’re not seeing things. They’re a trend on steroids right¬†now. The scarf can be print or solid, and it’s usually made out of a longer, more dense piece of cotton.

Naturally, Target has them by the dozen, and they’re all fantabulous.

– Tiff

PS. Scarves = the easiest accessory for wc-users.