SCI Superstar: Albert Llovera

Hailing from the principality of Andorra is the epic rally driver Albert Llovera. Known for his athletic abilities and his smoldering Spanish good looks, Albert is above all known for his tenacity in the face of some serious lifechangers.

We won’t give it all away, but he went from a star Olympic alpine skier to a paraplegic in the blink of the eye. He knows exactly what it’s like to have everything in the world then have it all taken away.

But his story isn’t about loss, it’s about self-reinvention. Read this entry

Every Wheelchair-User’s Fear: Choking

We’ve covered all different kinds of situations here on our blog, but what about the scary stuff, like choking? A SPINALpedia fan and wife of a quadriplegic recently wrote us about a scary situation recently that happened to her husband.

While home alone, her husband began to choke and at the worse time possible – there was no one around. Fortunately he was able to drink enough water until help arrived, but what if this happens to you? And how can you help someone in a wheelchair who’s choking?

Here are three videos that show how to save someone in a wheelchair who’s choking both quickly and easily, which in a choking situation is a mighty good thing. Read this entry

SCI Superstar: Wendy Crawford

When you look at Wendy Crawford, what do you see? A woman in a wheelchair, or something more? A former fashion model turned founder and editor of, Wendy has been hugely determined to change the way the media sees women with disabilities since her injury.

Above all, Wendy has refused to accept the status quo and her story is something everyone with a spinal cord injury should know. Read on to see how Wendy Crawford has fashioned herself an incredible journey in spite of a spinal cord injury. Read this entry

You Are Still You

While working for my main gig nowdays at, I came across this amazing lady is known as the Pretty Cripple. She is a beauty blogger from New York City and her style is crazy unique. I love it! I would say it’s “retro wheelchair fierce” and yes, she wins at life.

Check out her blog: Pretty Cripple

Ps. How are you doing? Have any crazy wheelchair stories to tell

– Tiffiny

SCI Superstar: Bert Burns

While he may be the founder and CEO of one of the largest urological supply companies in the United States, Bert Burns is not your regular businessmen with a spinal cord injury. Also a Paralympian, Bert carries on a passionate sports life outside of the office.

And that’s just the start of it. Also a motivational speaker, husband and father of twins, Bert’s accident infused in him not only the survival to live, but to live fully.

To learn how he was able to do that and much more, read on for the story of Bert Burns. Read this entry

The Professionals: 3 Wheelchair Athletes Who’ve Gone Pro

Adapted athletics can be a serious business; it’s not all feel-good times. For those who excel at their chosen sport, professionalism is a possibility. From wheelchair racing to bodybuilding, you can get paid to perform, and it can pay well.

Bear in mind, there aren’t thousands of adapted athletes in the world. Hundreds is more like it, which means you gotta be good – quite good – to snag a professional contract in your sport of choice.

It is more than possible however, and here are three adaptive athletes who’ve made their professional careers a reality. Read this entry

SCI Superstar: Kelley Kalafatich

A born and bred explorer and river rafter who’s even worked in Hollywood, Kelley Kalafatich is one of the world’s most talented female rafters. Having been all over the world exploring rivers, her carefree life was sidelined by something she couldn’t even see.

Kelley has not only managed to move on after a permanently debilitating illness, she’s figured out she has a lot more inner strength than she ever realized; that’s right the “tough river rafter lady” with no fear.

For a peek at this incredibly inspiring woman, here is the story of SPINALpedia’s SCI Superstar this week, Kelley Kalafatich. Read this entry

A Lighthearted Look at the Wheelchair Stare Down

In the animal kingdom when you stare at a creature for too long, either one of two things happen – you get the crap beat out of you or whatever you’re staring at may think you’re interested. What about when you use a wheelchair?

We get stared at all the time and we’re expected to well, not think anything. Not get mad, and definitely not take it as a come on. Some wheelers hate this double standard, however many don’t care at all if they’re stared at. They are the lighthearted ones.

How do you deal with stares? Check out a few videos we’ve uncovered profiling three people with disabilities who let stares roll right off their backs. Read this entry