The Thanksgiving Show

Listen to my latest No Free Rides podcast for It’s our annual Thanksgiving show and this year, I interviewed a paraplegic woman by the name of Julia, who lives in the Texas panhandle, and has been cooking the entire Thanksgiving feast for 6 years (and she’s only 26!).

Julia is married and is your quintecessential Texan lady. So listen to me BS with her about all the recipes she makes, tricks and tips she has for wheelers out there, and even find out how her and her hubby met.

Have a tasty Thanksgiving dinner everyone! I know I will.

Listen now!

– Tiff

“Video Courtesy of Shell Oil Company”

Check out this video of a giant squid with ELBOWS, people. It’s seriously one of the most disturbing things you’ll ever see. Why is this video posted by National Geographic, and courtesy of the Shell Oil Company (taken from a camera set-up on an oil rig), worth watching?

A: It’s alive.

B: It’s really fucking long.

C: It looks like a bonafide alien.

Hmmm…maybe it is??

– Tiff

Best Tire Pump?

I’ve decided to put an end to allowing my wheelchair from disrupting my social life.

I don’t ALWAYS need to be in my 314lb powerchair. No siree bob. I’m lucky enough to have a lightweight manual, so I mine as well use it right? SO many of my friends, since the economic-crisis hit, have been throwing parties at their homes instead of going out, and I’m sick of missing out on all the fun.

Time to be ok with getting lifted up flights of stairs, Tiff.

There’s just one teeny tiny problem: The wheels on my manual lose air really fast, and going to the gas station in freezing cold Minnesota weather isn’t exactly what I want to do in order to pump up my wheels. I need an air pump for my own.

So to all of you manual wheelers out there, what’s your favorite BRAND and TYPE of wheelchair tire pump, and most importantly, why?

Thanks in advance!

– Tiff

Elevator Stories

Got any?

We all gotta use them, so you know there’s bound to be some freaky stories. And after 15 years of being forced to use the elevators over stairs, I even got one of my own.

About 5 years ago at the Hyatt in downtown Minneapolis, I was leaving a fancy steak house on Valentine’s Day. I decided to cruise back down the skyway to catch a ride to the ground level using the Hyatt’s bank of elevarors. Simple enough, right? You’d be wrong.

After the ‘vator got to “G” I began rolling out like I always do, thinking about my next plans for the evening, when all of a sudden my entire body (and chair) jarred, tilting steeply downward. I was FREAKED. I looked down to see what the heck was up, and saw that the elevator had stopped a foot before being level with the actual ground. I wasn’t looking (who ever does?), so needless to say this came as a total shock. And LUCKILY my man at the time was there and helped me put me and my chair upright again. Whew!

Not only did my neck kill for days afterwards, but I’ve never blindly trusted elevators again. There’s millions of elevators in this world. Accidents are bound to happen.

Share with me your elevator stories, people. You know you got some. Entertain me!

– Tiff

PS. Keep your cell on you whenever you plan on using one. You just never know what can happen. And yes, you can call me paranoid.

PPS. The picture above is of one of the coolest elevators in the world: A sans-top ‘vator in Paris.

Dame Edna Makeup Line On the Way!

Are you a fan of the glamorous, iconic Dame Edna Everage just like me?

If so (and if you’re a hardcore fan of MAC Cosmetics), then this is a happy day! Pictures (and descriptions) have just been released to the public and the collection looks divine!

It will be available for purchase after the holiday season, and look at Dame Edna’s famous eye glasses decal on the compacts?! There’s also plenty of products in Dame Edna’s signature color: Lilac.

OMG squee!!

Check out all the fanciful details here!

– Tiff

My New Fav Eye Cream

And it’s not even made for eyes. That’s usually the best way to find things anyways.

Last month I made friends with a woman nearing 40. And she looked 30. Her skin was immaculate, so I asked her what her secret was. She said BeautiControl’s Regeneration Extreme Repair Hand Therapy. It’s made for hands, but it contains Alpha Hydroxy and she swears by it (she too found out about this lotion via word of mouth).

Consider this my public service for the month, people. Not only is this stuff amazing, it’s cheap too! For a mini-size (which is all you need because a little goes a long way) it costs only $4.50.

I bought my current tube on eBay. If you Google this stuff you’ll find it all over the net, so make sure you shop around to get the best deal possible. Look young AND save $!

You can’t beat it.

– Tiff