1. I pick Manson, or split it 3ways, whos the 3rd guy? sorry if its a dumb question, i know 2 at least-lol

  2. there’s links on the names of each guy, abe. if you click on william’s name you’ll see what he’s most likely guilty of.

    manson is a great choice, however, as he murdered the most people out of the 3 choices.

  3. I watched a movie about Ted Bundy the other night, and sheesh, that guy was just horrid.. I would have to say the award goes to Ted, if he was still alive that is.

  4. ted bundy is a great idea, kell. he was a mad man.

  5. I say that there are enough depraved criminals to donate to every person who has ever-and ever will- suffer a spinal cord injury…who to open up first!?!!

  6. There are so many to choose from not just these 3. It seems like a great idea Tiff!

  7. hahA lol

  8. I guess I won’t judge any of the three, but I must say that is a very interesting definition of “justice”. Why not give it a try just this once eh? 🙂

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