Body of War

Tomas Young is 28 years old, sexy, well-spoken, from Kansas City, MO, and unfortunately, a T4 paraplegic. 

In 2003, he was shot and paralyzed by enemy fire (“Instantly dropping my AK 47,” he describes, after getting shot) after only 5 days in Iraq. Body of War is an amazing documentary that EVERYONE should see. Co-directed by the legendary Phil Donahue and Ellen Spiro, this film premiered at the SXSW Film Festival in March and is currently touring the country.

To learn more about this anti-war film, visit the it’s site, Make sure to watch the trailer and to peruse it’s screening schedule; it may be coming to a city near you. I’m hoping that SOON it’ll be available on Netflix (I have the 3-disc unlimited plan), and I REALLY need to see this film in it’s entirety, instead of through dozens of various YouTube clips.

I almost had the opportunity to see it the first weekend of June here in Minneapolis at the National Free Press Conference, but due to PCA scheduling issues and my own damn fault, I couldn’t see the screening (or go to the awesome Q&A session afterwards with Phil Donahue). I’m still kicking myself over that.

ANYWAYS, Eddie Vedder (lead singer of Pearl Jam) wrote/performed a song for the film called, “No More.” It’s beautiful, poignant, and it makes me very happy to see such a high-profile musician affiliated with such an important film.

But yes, this film is great. It shows how brutal life with a SCI really is, how the VA has let Tomas down in re: to proper benefits to fully rehabilitate a paraplegic. and more importantly, how Iraq was a terrible mistake.

– Tiff

Britain’s Missing Top Model

Stylish, sassy, chic … disabled?

Britain is airing a brand new model search reality show in July, specifically looking for models with disabilities. On a awful creative note, it’ll be called Britain’s Missing Top Model. They get no w00t from me for that lame show name.

Here’s the show’s tagline:

Eight young disabled women discover what it takes to be a model – but which of them will win a photo shoot and appear in a top fashion magazine?

Is this a marketing ploy? Is it a serious competition? My Brit friends will have to share their opinion with me after it airs, because unfortunately it’s damn near impossible to get BBC Three in Minnesota, unless you’e Stanley Hubbard.

Oh, and there’s one American on the show too. Her name is Jenny and she’s 22!

– Tiff

PS. I do give the show props for shedding light on the disparity of able-bodied vs. disabled models in the media though. Ok, that deserves a w00t…..”w00t.”

Ready for the perfect (and healthy) Summertime snacky-poo?

Frozen Go-Gurts, my friend. Frozen, Go-Gurts….

It’s easy: Buy some of this awesome on-the-go yogurt that come in Freezee pop-type packaging, then freeze for at least 3 hours. Where they’re done you got a tasty, almost ice-cream-like snack that is a) easy to carry (and doesn’t drip…as much), b) totally healthier than any ice-cream bar on the market.

– Tiff

PS. The strawberry ones taste the best frozen, in my very humble opinion.

Just Another Reason to *Heart* Living in the 21st Century

Here’s a perfect example of why living today rules:


Here’s the closest photo ever taken of an egg being released from an ovary (this was NOT the image I had in my mind of this, btw. but still, totally crazy awesome):


Click here for a larger view

And to read the interesting story as to how this photo got taken in the first place, read the New Scientist article here.

You’re welcome!

– Tiff

PS. Wouldn’t this just blow the ancients’ minds?? If I’m not mistaken, didn’t they believe the Goddess magically implanted a tiny baby in a woman’s belly after eating 3 dried turtle heads, then chanting at a Full Moon?

A Tribute to Dry Shampoos

Ever heard of these aerosol dandies? If not, it’s probably because you were either A) Born after 1970 or B) You live in the USA (apparently people all over Europe are more than aware of this easy-breezy way to “refresh” your hair).

Anyways here’s the dealio: There are some really nice (and expensive) dry shampoos that are on the market right now, and not only do they work (just spray it all over, comb through, let dry, and it’s clean/”refereshed”), but they’re perfect for ladies with disabilities who need help washing their hair the “water way.”

Your grandma probably used dry shampoo back in her younger days, and hippies at week-long music fests like Bonaroo? Oh you bet your mud-caked Teva’s they know about this most excellente way to wash their hair.

Check out the dry shampoo I bought myself last month and am totally in LOVE with:

Ojon Rub-Out Dry Shampoo (it smells like baby powder!)

– Tiff

Tasty Creamers & Live To Be an Old Lady

Not only does coffee help women live longer in they drink it (antioxidants!)…

…but it can also be the highlight of your day, if you’re not getting laid, drinking booze, winning the lottery, or if it’s not pay day that is.

I present to you my latest weakness:

International Delight’s Marshmallow Mocha Creamer

This creamer is like, utterly and completely the BEST CREAMER ever invented. It turns my boring cup of java into an overflowing chocolate waterfall straight from Willy Wonka’s f’ed up mind.

– Tiff

PS. What’s makes marshmallows and mocha so “international?”

Sexy golfer from the US Open

The one good thing about being “forced” to watch the US Open with the fam over the weekend was discovering the uber-sexy golfer from Columbia: Camillo Villegas. He’s 26 and is from fucking Medellin (any “Entourage” watchers will be able to appreciate that reference). So how cool is that shit? Anyways, he placed 9th over the weekend.

He’s only two years younger than me. I could totally have his beautiful half Columbian, half Swedish babies.

Just look at him! Squee! 

(They don’t call him “Spiderman” on the course for nothing)

His official USGA bio: 

PS. Wasn’t Tiger amazing in this tour or what? Holy crap was that guy on fire. Totally deserved to win in the playoff round today, even if Villegas is exponentially sexier. Go Woods!

– Tiff