Britain’s Missing Top Model

Stylish, sassy, chic … disabled?

Britain is airing a brand new model search reality show in July, specifically looking for models with disabilities. On a awful creative note, it’ll be called Britain’s Missing Top Model. They get no w00t from me for that lame show name.

Here’s the show’s tagline:

Eight young disabled women discover what it takes to be a model – but which of them will win a photo shoot and appear in a top fashion magazine?

Is this a marketing ploy? Is it a serious competition? My Brit friends will have to share their opinion with me after it airs, because unfortunately it’s damn near impossible to get BBC Three in Minnesota, unless you’e Stanley Hubbard.

Oh, and there’s one American on the show too. Her name is Jenny and she’s 22!

– Tiff

PS. I do give the show props for shedding light on the disparity of able-bodied vs. disabled models in the media though. Ok, that deserves a w00t…..”w00t.”

  1. One word: bizzaro

  2. tell me about it :/

  3. this was mentioned (mocked) on chelsey lately last night.

  4. I dunno about this show, the girls dont really look disabled at all so it kinda defeats the purpose of ‘disabled’ modeling. I applied and my best friend did. I have OI, she has CP and I guess we were just too ‘disabled’ for thier taste. And yeah the name is stupid.

  5. i watched that and the awfull stereotypical agencies before everythink happened wen i was a teenager i applied to be a model and ok im no belle of the ball but what they sed to a 13 yr old was just wrong and with those agencies stuckin there ways my heart goes out to the disabled models for what they put up for i couldnt do it then and now im in a wheelchair i got told there was no point .

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