Where’s the Power Wheelchair Art?

There is an amazing trend going on in the wheelchair world right now – the crocheted wheel covers being made by Dutch designer Simeli.nl. These are fantastic and beautiful in every way. They make me want to take my old manual chair out of storage, dust it off, and buy a pair. Sadly however, I’ve been a full-time power wheelchair-user for years and these lovely wheel covers won’t work on my spoke-less wheels.

Power wheelchairs get no love. The beautifying accessories available to our cross-section of the universe are far and few between. Do you know of any power wheelchair accessories that enhance their aesthetic appeal? Am I uninformed about some amazing powerchair pouff that exists unbeknownst to me? 😉 Please share in the comments below.

SCI Superstar: Heidi Herkes

Meet our newest SCI Superstar Heidi Herkes! A spinal cord injury may have forced Heidi to retool her career, but she’s still in the beauty and style industry doing what she loves. See how she’s created a new career for herself as a personal stylist. Read more

SCI Superstar: Priscilla Hedlin

After our injuries we’re all worried about different things – going back to school, doing things you love again, providing for your family and for many women with spinal cord injuries – will I be able to have children? The answer is a resounding yes, as the renowned Wheelchair Mommy blogger exemplifies.

Priscilla Hedlin is one of the most well-known bloggers for mothers with spinal cord injuries. Priscilla began sharing her story shortly after it happened by starting a Geocities website. She’s officially been blogging on WP in 2008 and her blog covers every aspect of parenting with a spinal cord injury. The depth of information she covers is some of the best out there.

If you’re newly injured and worried about parenting, you can’t get better than The Wheelchair Mommy. Read her journey, from her injury to how she became a blogger, here.

Video review of the Jamies Camisole

Time again for a video review! Just in time for Spring, I decided to give a Summery touch to the Jamies Camisole, a great top made by Ag Apparel, adding a belt and a grey skirt.

I really love this top in the ivory cotton pin-stripe. Such a subtle, classy pattern and it goes great with so many looks. Great top with two distinct looks – with cap sleeves or remove them for a sexy strappy look.

And the top is chock full of adaptive elements – a built-in bamboo layer so you don’t have to wear a breat, big button holes for people with limited hand movement and no zippers or Velcro.

Watch the video review

Buy the Jamies Camisole

Finally, a footplate for high heels

OMG a perfect place for high heels on footrests?

My friend Tamara Mena, a paraplegic, has worked with TiLite wheelchairs to create this awesome foot plate made to accomodate high heels. Love it! Women in wheelchairs everywhere have been wanting something like this for years.

The heels can rest off the back of the plate, making it so the ankles stay straight. It’ll be available soon, but the exact date has yet to be released. Check in with TiLite for more info in coming months.

PS. A power chair version needs to be available next!

Wheelchair fashion tips: In your face, and a ladylike runway show

If Bjork can be deemed fashionable, if we can make kitchen appliances fashionable, why can’t we be rolling thrones of haute couture too? Srsly…

If you watch the above video by Tiffany Giddes, a T10 paraplegic and member of The Ability 411 crew (a collaboration of five paralyzed vloggers who answer questions about life with paralysis), she shares all the best fashion tips she’s discovered since her injury. They are awesome.

Tiffany is one tough chick so you know her fashion tips will be good. Her ability to be turn a project into a reality is crazy. Take her new movie Collision about a female wheelchair assassin—she stars in it and helped produced it! It’s inspiring to anyone with a disability who thinks a project they’re getting intro might be too much to take on. Read this entry

Push Girls: Reality TV Finally Finds Us

Push Girls - Reality TV Series helps those with spinal cord injuriesI wrote more about what “Push Girls” means to me for Easystand. Check it out:

Push Girls premiered last Monday, the new reality show on the Sundance channel profiling four “hot babes” in wheelchairs. As a babe in a wheelchair myself (hey I’ve been called that), this show is the televised messiah I’ve been waiting for.

The show’s premise – showing the world that you can still be beautiful, have a full life, a great job, have men that want you, and still drive a fabulous car (has been my personal goal since my injury).

You have no idea how frustrating it is for people to be shocked when you can achieve any of these things. A “push girl,” so say the shows producers, keeps on pushing despite anything that comes her way. I kinda like it. Read the rest of this entry…