Sexy golfer from the US Open

The one good thing about being “forced” to watch the US Open with the fam over the weekend was discovering the uber-sexy golfer from Columbia: Camillo Villegas. He’s 26 and is from fucking Medellin (any “Entourage” watchers will be able to appreciate that reference). So how cool is that shit? Anyways, he placed 9th over the weekend.

He’s only two years younger than me. I could totally have his beautiful half Columbian, half Swedish babies.

Just look at him! Squee! 

(They don’t call him “Spiderman” on the course for nothing)

His official USGA bio: 

PS. Wasn’t Tiger amazing in this tour or what? Holy crap was that guy on fire. Totally deserved to win in the playoff round today, even if Villegas is exponentially sexier. Go Woods!

– Tiff

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  1. lol. thats pretty funny. yeah, he’s def NOT an amputee; just a sexy golfer i adore. my blog isnt strictly about disabilities ya know 😉

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