1. That was possibly the coolest thing I’ve heard (or read) from you, and I’m not just blowing sunshine up your fine little ass. Thanks for the pep talk, I was kinda needing it.

  2. Hi Tiff,

    I liked your you tubevideo not sure if I agree with all of it but its your you tube video so you can think and say what you want . Anyway I just really wanted to tell you my fave part was when you mentioned if you got hrut before the 1940s you would be dead so imberace the 21cernturey but an IPOD or whatever . So FUNNY

    I also thought tell people not to put there life on hold was SOO GOOD and the thing about your wheelchair will break on a holiday or a weekend is so ture

  3. craig, i’m so glad i recorded this last night then since you were needing it! i was going to wait, tinker with my “10”….but i thought it was good enough and gave it a go.

    go eagles! 😉

  4. glad you enjoyed it, doug.

  5. lol desiree. i personally loved the iPod part too!

  6. and a big fat YES to everyone who agrees…i’m glad other people concur on the “not putting your life on hold” part. its so, very true.

  7. Cool, you need to make more of these.

  8. i totally plan on it, astral 🙂

  9. That was so cool!!!I was crying and laughing with you.The gravity thing was cool.

  10. wow I definitely needed to hear this. its like a wake up call thank you so much for making the video! (:

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