Elevator Stories

Got any?

We all gotta use them, so you know there’s bound to be some freaky stories. And after 15 years of being forced to use the elevators over stairs, I even got one of my own.

About 5 years ago at the Hyatt in downtown Minneapolis, I was leaving a fancy steak house on Valentine’s Day. I decided to cruise back down the skyway to catch a ride to the ground level using the Hyatt’s bank of elevarors. Simple enough, right? You’d be wrong.

After the ‘vator got to “G” I began rolling out like I always do, thinking about my next plans for the evening, when all of a sudden my entire body (and chair) jarred, tilting steeply downward. I was FREAKED. I looked down to see what the heck was up, and saw that the elevator had stopped a foot before being level with the actual ground. I wasn’t looking (who ever does?), so needless to say this came as a total shock. And LUCKILY my man at the time was there and helped me put me and my chair upright again. Whew!

Not only did my neck kill for days afterwards, but I’ve never blindly trusted elevators again. There’s millions of elevators in this world. Accidents are bound to happen.

Share with me your elevator stories, people. You know you got some. Entertain me!

– Tiff

PS. Keep your cell on you whenever you plan on using one. You just never know what can happen. And yes, you can call me paranoid.

PPS. The picture above is of one of the coolest elevators in the world: A sans-top ‘vator in Paris.

  1. My and another wheeler pal were in a DC subway together and as soon as we got down to subway level and the door was about to open..prepareing to back out but stuck on her chair i ran into the door and knocked it off track. We couldn’t get out the door was stuck half way despite all other folks effort to push it open we couldn’t so they called the fire dept to pry us out luckally just as the fire dept showed up the nice subway attendant managed to push it open…phew cuz it stunk! Needless to say it was broken on our way back so we had to hike a way’s back to our hotel.

  2. dude. getting stuck in an elevator has always been one of my greatest fear! thank god that subway attendant knew his stuff 🙂

  3. haha, i got many.

    one time in the city center, around closing, i wheeled in, there was a couple having sex, she was hiked up, legs wrapped around, skirt on..and it stunk. they were grimy.

    got stuck in the daytons elevator, alone for 1/2 hr in the dark. some power glitch. that was scary, was pitch black and all i heard was mechanical sounds and faint talking.

    small wheels got stuck in the space betweent he door and the floor..i flew out of my chair, some guy picked me up and put me back in my chair. i always pop a slight wheelie now over that area.

    used to use the escalator all the time in the lasalle plaza – downtown. well..they put a stop to that…told me to use the elevator from now on. boo. no fun.

    the rest are sort of mundane, typical city stuff. piss in the elevator, shit, bums sleeping in them. gotta love city life. 🙂

  4. sex in the city center elevator?? CLASSY 🙂

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