“The Orphanage”

Guillermo Del Toro’s latest film “The Orphanage” (“El Orfanato”), is an amazing horror film that literally INVENTS a new genre of horror.

And the best part, it features characters with disabilities. A very interesting, relevant movie for me (and I’m sure for you too).

The reason I believe it invents a new genre within the genre of horror, is because you actually cry tears of joy for the “scary bad people” at the end of the film.

Talk about a mindfuck. I truly loved it!

It’s on DVD and Netflix’s “Play Now” feature, so check it out asap. If you’re a horror fan and don’t mind subtitles, and have a disability on top of all that,¬†you’ll really like this film.

Your sorta-movie reviewer extrordinaire…

– Tiff

  1. I saw this a few months ago and didn’t even really think about the disability aspect! I thought it was really creepy but sad.

  2. thats so funny u mention that. see for me, it was the exact opposite. the disability factor sucked me in right away.

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