Ridiculous and perverted, or genius?

Dreams of romping like a porn star, my friends, is an equal opportunity business.

The Intimate Rider, a bouncy sex chair created for people with disabilities (specifically for those who can’t move their hips), is undoubtedly the most interesting sex toy to come out in years. Catering to a population usually ignored by the sex toy industry, people with disabilities can now waste hundreds of dollars, just like everyone else, on overpriced knockin’ boots equipment…

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– Tiff

  1. I go with perverted genius.

    It’s part of the evolution in society’s view of people with disabilities. Instead of hiding us away, we have evolved into being fuck-worthy and adaptive equipment is created to help out.

  2. Anything to facilitate sexin’ is awesome, though I wish it could help out the paralyzed ladies a bit more. So they wanted you to test it…by buying one?? I’d try it out if they sent me one for free, though hip movement isn’t my problem 😛

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