Aussie wheelchair tennis players explain the game

I’ve been blogging for, a very cool video site that contains thousands of spinal cord injury-related videos, for a couple of months now. What I love about this site (other than it wass founded by my friend Josh Basile, a really smart C4-5 quad from Maryland who’s studying to be a lawyer) is that the videos are categorized by movement – full hand movement, partial hand movement, no hand movement, and for all┬áthe other body parts too, making it easy to find a video that would actually work for you without wasting too much time (gotta love that).

My latest post for highlights some of my favorite sports videos on their site. If you’ve ever wondered about wheelchair tennis, watch this video of two top Aussie wheelchair tennis players (one who is a low quadriplegic) having a ball, as they create a 6 minute video explaining everything about wheelchair tennis. You can watch the video here